New map blue moon in the new play fun Canaan Shrine vidown

New map "blue moon" in the new play fun Intro: "blue Canaan Shrine" summer fun new game, a new map of Canaan shrine, new play melee PK, the daily afternoon palace opened, the completion of the main task can participate in, take God, drive the devil. "Naughty blue" website > > > the temple came the devil to Canaan is established in order to suppress the ancient shrine, but after years of erosion, the ancient shrine was suppressed the devil and his soul monster opportunistic invasion shrine, attempting to break the seal, the mainland warriors or sit such disaster? Protect the shrine of seals, repression of monster, duty! A total of eight Temple shrine of Canaan disposition Canaan shrine a total of eight disciplinary temple, the "Garan temple is a safe area, the remaining seven points representing the devil has the temple seven sins in the seven seat house, game player can free PK, do not suffer from red penalty. Screenshots of the game in the shrine, delivering strategies across a variety of arbitrary transmission, because the monster of erosion, the array is damaged, transmission has no fixed direction, each house will have different elite monster, kill into elite monsters can get around the house magic crystal gift. Screenshots screenshots of the game in the monster shrine just ants, the real impact of the seal is the ancient shrine devil soul, it is powerful and cruel, may occur at any time in any one house. Through the transfer matrix to find the raging devil soul and kill it, get the devil carry ancient equipment and talent magic crystal. The devil soul from powerful talent magic crystal it has several times more unusual monster. Screenshots of the game and talent can be into the magic crystal gift of magic, used to enhance the skills of a hero, a hero to improve combat capability. In addition, kill the monster of Canaan shrine can also obtain the "hunting" title, hunting magic legend begins! Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: