Music funny game company announced the completion of a dream world delisting webquest

The parent record music funny game dream world announced the completion of the delisting EST on the afternoon of September 7, 2016, the parent record music funny game dream world Technology Co., Ltd. (NSDAQ:DSKY) announced the completion of the privatization of delivery, delisting from the nasdaq. According to the merger agreement signed in December 31, 2015, the privatization of the group has purchased shares of common stock of $3.5 (equivalent to $14 per share), the acquisition of shares issued. Dream world shares will cease trading as non-listed company. In June 13, 2015, a privatization offer received by Chen Xiangyu CEO chairman of the dream world, the company’s main buyer group, the Group intends to ordinary shares of $3.50 per share (equivalent to $14 per American Depositary Shares) the cash offer has not been held in a dream world of all of the issued shares. In December 31st of the same year, the purchase group and the dream world listed companies signed a merger agreement. May 16, 2016, a dream world announced its privatization of the transaction was approved by the general meeting of shareholders of the company. A dream world of the privatization of the buyer group including Chairman and CEO Chen Xiangyu and CTO off song, and the specific transfer of securities holders, participation of institutional investors include a village, capital fortune, Lenovo holdings, Jun linked capital lithography capital, founded by Wang Sicong and Quan Ren founded Star MIPS investment VC. After the completion of privatization, Tencent became the world’s largest shareholder in addition to the management team outside the dream team, accounting for nearly 30% shares. August 7, 2014, a dream world in the Nasdaq market, the issue price of $15 per share of American depositary shares. The company’s music funny game is the largest Mobile Games distribution platform, "fruit ninja", "escape", "Temple", "Metro Parkour" and "National Monument Valley Mobile Games" by the introduction of Chinese and localized operations. Music funny game currently has a registered user has accumulated up to 1 billion 300 million, live users for the month of 118 million. According to Analysys statistics, as of the first quarter of 2016, the music funny game for 9 quarters to maintain the size of the first user Chinese Mobile Games distribution market, the market share of 28.4%. "We chose privatization is more based on their business development needs," Chen Xiangyu said: "the country’s cultural industry, qualification, license audit, management more standardized, rigorous, foreign background will bring many restrictions to us." A dream world after privatization in A shares backdoor listing or take other ways with the domestic capital market docking, Chen Xiangyu said, not listed on the short term commitment to shareholders, creating a dream world in private when the investors are strategic investors, not short-term investment. Chen Xiangyu stressed that he valued the growth of the company’s endogenous business. Privatization process, creating a dream world is constantly improving the layout of international and pan entertainment. August 2015 to date, the music funny game has invested in the United States, the top game developers Rumble, domestic Star Tour Company coconut games, as well as the focus of the Middle East mobile gaming distribution and payment services MENA. Music tease is trying to create a game from the issue, production, to IP operations, and then to the advertising, payment platform for hand travel.相关的主题文章: