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UnCategorized There aren’t a lot of television programs that have garnered as much fan fare in a short time quite like Arrested Development. The show ran for a few short seasons, but in that course the show created fans from all walks of life, and many are still talking about all the crazy antics of the worst family on television since "Mama’s Family". Dysfunction doesn’t even start to describe the family known to the world as the Bluth Family. A run down of the characters would only lead to confuse some, so instead of trying to explain the whole show, we will look at the family issues dealt with throughout the seasons, mainly the financial problems that were continually causing stress amongst family members. The problems start with the father, George Bluth Sr. goes to jail for fraud and his family has to all band together and figure out how to get him out of the mess, as well as juggle the family’s continual selfishness amidst a lack of financial gain. With such excess, the show seems to cast Michael Bluth (Jason Batemen) and his son George Michael (Michael Cera) as heroes trying to save the family, control the spending, and figure out how to get the father out of jail. Unfortunately, in every 30 minute episode, something goes wrong, and all sorts of problems arise that lead the family down a course of dysfunction not common in modern sitcoms. Michael Bluth seems to have it all figured out from time to time, at one point taking control over the family business, both corporate and retail. The retail level is a chocolate dipped banana stand that makes little to no money, and turns out to be a place where a lot of money is literally at. As the show continues, the viewers find out that the stand had hundreds of thousands of dollars in the walls, and upon burning it down, Michael and his son George Michael, join the ranks of their family as being inept and unqualified to lead. Even if they mean well, they run into problems with trying to live their own lives, outside of the family’s continual drags. Even though the show focuses on Michael and his son for many episodes, there is a whole different layer to look at. Michael’s older brother Gob, a struggling magician and overall uncanny and annoying character continues to try and be a thorn in the side of his brother, while trying to win back his estranged wife, who Michael happens to love. There are serious chuckles found with Gob’s magical style, especially when he continually fails to impress or even have a good point. Aside from Gob, there is the Mother who’s having an affair with George Sr’s twin brother, her son that is completely inept and controlled by the mother, a married couple with a daughter that George Michael is in love with, and continual mishaps that throw wrenches into any plot to get George Sr. out of jail. The money problems continue throughout the show, and the lavish lifestyles lead by the majority of the family cripple Michael’s plans to help his father. Meanwhile, Henry Winkler stars as the family lawyer, who also becomes completely inept over the course of show. As the seasons continued George Michael and his father Michael progressed with madcap schemes to save the family business, try to move away, only to get pulled back into the madness. Several sub-plots made Arrested Development endearing, including Tobias. Tobias was played by famed comedian David Cross and he played a character that was tagged "never nude" and would never be without his cut of shorts. In one recurring role he would be painted completely blue to try and join the group of performers named the Blue Man Group. Tobias becomes more and more insane as the show continues, much like the rest of the family. Despite the major dysfunction found in the show, there is an endearing quality that made a lasting impression on viewers of all types. The show ended its three season run with a cliffhanger that is debated by many people on the internet today. The show seems to be pointing towards a final send off with a full feature movie being picked up and sold by Wednesday, the love interest and cousin of George Michael, albeit forbidden. The movie, is supposedly in production today, and some argue that it will in fact still be released, while others are stating that the studio has completely abandoned the notion. The one thing that is certain, is that Arrested Development’s saga of the Bluth family continues to crack people up on DVD. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: