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Travel-and-Leisure Mini Israel guide brings together the stories of this biblical landscape its cultural and religious diversity as emphasized by the different religious denominations each making their long lasting mark in the holy land and telling the fascinating story of this beautiful land. Mini Israel guide to the historical events in the life of Jesus can be seen by numerous shrines, churches and archeological sites, scattered throughout the park, while strolling the path’s following Mini Israel guide , stopping to look at the accurate details of the places you are familiar with, or take a look at details of new and unfamiliar sites which you could not visit this time . From Nazareth perched high on the Galilee hills, were The Greek Orthodox Gabriel’s church marks Mary’s Well Mini Israel guide takes the French Silesian Church of Jesus the Child and the Details relief on the faade of the Church Annunciation. We pass by The Church of Transfiguration, high on Mount Tabor as we make our way to the Sea of Galilee, stopping for silent prayer at the Church of Beatitudes over looking the Franciscan site of Capernaum with the synagogue, the house of Peter, and the near by Benedictine church of the Miracles of Loves and fish. The rout of Israel guide takes us to Jerusalem and there we find the Room of the Last Supper and hear the bells of Dormission Abbey .Mini Israel guide takes us past the Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Cross where tradition shows us the tree stump from which the True Cross was made. The Kidron Valley provides us with a spectacular view point of the ancient tombs of Absalom and of Jacob, brother of Jesus. The Mount of olives has its beautiful Russian Orthodox church of Mary Magdalene and bellow it the Church of All nations at the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus walk along the Via Dolorosa is marked with the catholic church of the Sister of Zion and the Lutheran church of the Redeemer. The evangelical Christians will easily identify "Golgotha" and the garden tomb, were they will spend time in prayer and mediation when visiting the real Jerusalem. In the 19th century many of the European Christian sites left the Architectural monuments in Jerusalem, like the Italians, Ethiopians, Russian Orthodox and Anglican Church .Mini Israel guide- No were else could you see these sites at close proximity and appreciate the detailed architecture and beauty. Mini Israel guide will also take you to the city of Simon the Tanner, Jaffa, and Haifa with its Bahai Gardens and the seat of the Carmelites nuns. The Bedouins in the Negev Dessert and Modern Tel Aviv will provide different and new perspectives on this beautiful land. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: