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Men buy cheap second-hand car in the car was robbed in the street trap can not initiate new culture news news – Sohu "my car in the Changchun city wide city Rongwang world community door being robbed, finally positioning in the near Luoyang street, see please contact……" October 29th evening, there are users on micro-blog broke the news. Yesterday, reporters and micro-blog users Mr. Liu made contact, and this "grab" car event antecedents and consequences, and to the general wants to buy second-hand car of the people sounded the alarm. The car is not "robbed" Filing according to Mr. Liu, October 29th at 8:30 in the morning, "I want to buy some downstairs decoration, decoration materials, found a black SUV block at the back of my car, I will give the owner to call for him to move the car." Liu said he then started the car, both sides of the door was suddenly pulled open, there are six people around my car, come up and grab my car keys, after the end of the drag me to the car." Less than a minute, the other will run his car. "They drive a black off-road, I quickly come up with a mobile phone camera, their license plate is Shaanxi FM9392." Liu said that he then catch a taxi to each other, and dialed 110. The phone went to the police station, a police said it belongs to economic disputes, can not be filed. Buy second-hand car in the case of trap Liu said that when the other car, had to give him a "power of attorney", there is a telephone. The car was robbed, he dialed the phone, the other is the Guarantee Corporation, for owners to pay back the money to the bank, is the first creditors. Liu said he was in April this year in Liaoning, Tieling to buy second-hand car, spent 110 thousand. At the time of purchase, the other told him that the car is a mortgage car, the mortgage bank. At that time did not show any collateral to Guarantee corporation." Mr. Liu said, the seller had a high to show him over the original owners of vehicles issued by the pledge contract, and he signed with the high of a vehicle is to be transferred to the agreement. Used car was robbed case many 29 PM, Liu with his hand to the police station to report to the police, but the police reply is an economic dispute, not filing. I bought a stolen car rescue, the insurance company said that only filing, in order to pay, and now I’m a little way……" Liu repeatedly contact grab car side, the other said he wanted the car to pay 220 thousand. Liu said, a lot of similar cases, he has several friends around the second-hand car was robbed away. 30 afternoon, the reporter called the Guarantee Corporation phone, the other is that the reporter will hang up the phone. Changchun Municipal Public Security Bureau official said, Mr. Liu before the purchase behavior is not subject to legal protection, it is recommended that Mr. Liu through the court and other ways to sell the car to mr.. Lawyers to buy the car is not protected by law, Jilin Cheung Cheung law firm Liu Yadong believes that the focus of controversy in this case is how to determine the ownership of motor vehicles. "Property law" twenty-fourth provides that the establishment of motor vehicles and other real rights, change, transfer and elimination, without registration, shall not be against the bona fide third. In other words, the owner of the car Liu subjective.相关的主题文章: