Making All City-jiqingwuyuetian

Baseball Toward the end of my junior year at Weequahic High School in Newark New Jersey, I started hearing from my friends that I was going to make All City. How did they know I asked myself? In my usual mood of high esteem I was thinking that there was no way I would make the all city team. Vailburgs catcher was better than me is what crossed my mind. I make the grade No way. I told you I had high self esteem. The two best teams in the city at the time, Barringer and Vailsburg would receive the most recognition for their players. We were 3-15. And our record did not display how really bad we were. I think I was the only player that batted over .300. Well maybe Dashell Meeks hit over 300 as well. In the last game of the season we were playing Central High School in Unterman Field. They were a poor to average team at best. But they had Richie Glenn. An above average pitcher with speed to burn and a curveball that was, well Ill get to that curveball in a minute. I went up to bat thinking home run. I was so determined to hit a home run I remember standing closer to the plate thinking I could reach an outside pitch. Most if not all of my hits that year were singles. While I had power I had not displayed much of it. I dug in deeper ready to smack one when Richie let loose with one that was very high and very tight. A curve ball without the curve in it. So tight it stuck in my ear. I guess it did not curve like I thought. Down I went. Out like a light. While the ball did not stick in my ear it made quite an impression in my head. I think some thread from the ball is embedded in my ear and lobe to this day. I was slowly escorted to Coach Ginsburgs office. When I finally awoke which seemed like hours, but was really minutes, Mr Ginsburg told me I had made the Star Ledger All City Baseball team. I was elated and soar. I was happy and groggy. I was proud and queasy at the same time. At the time it seemed like the beaning I received made whoever voted for The All City team vote for me. They felt sorry for me and gave me a place on the team. I told you I had high self esteem. Wow what a day. I wonder if Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig ever went through something like this. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: