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So, Every Tom, Dick, and Harry (a truly British expression I apologize) wants you to buy their Brand New Niche Marketing Product, Niche Websites, The New Niche Explosion, Nichey Nichey Blah Blah Blah!! People are going on like this is something NEW!! Well sorry if I am coming across as a bit blunt or even arrogant here with this as an introduction to the basics of "Niche Marketing", but I did warn you all that I don’t hold back, and, well, phooey!!! I CANNOT BELEIVE, that anyone who is seriously thinking of starting a business of their own, (remember I know your here to learn to be a good Internet marketer, and IM is a business too, first and foremost) didn’t do what any *Serious* business *Should* do as STANDARD before even venturing into starting up, and thats assess their target market, determine what the core needs of that market are, and then Realize Why your product is giving them something that no other product quite could. Is your market Saturated? Are there hundreds of other people offering the same product as you? If there IS, then you only have two ways to survive(Three if you count bailing out and moving on!) 1 – The Hard way, or 2 – the Easy Way If you attend ANY Business related education from the most basic to the highest level degree, Basic Business Marketing, will tell us to find our Unique Selling Point. and identify a target market that our product or service will appeal to. Now, if we have lots of competition then the hard way would be to use the Brute Force type method and and perhaps try and saturate the market, be the cheapest, or pay big bucks to get some high profile adverts or whatever, some thing like this is Fine, BUT Its the hard way because it is like Brute Force, you need Big Resources, Lots Collateral to pull it off, ITS HARD, However, if you take the EASY Way, you cleverly analyze every piece of information you can gather about the broadest spectrum of consumer that may possibly buy your product, then you identify a SPECIFIC Need that the Brute Force competitors are too busy to even notice, and ADAPT your product to suit their needs. Identify Several, perhaps, and have several "Spin offs" of your original product? THATS Niche Marketing NO Thats Basic Business 101, Didn’t you take that class? Business isn’t about anything other than Knowing what your resources are, and getting THE Most out of them, Niche Marketing, Sensible Business thinking more like, is about realizing HOW Flexible YOUR Resources are, then using your brain and your Market Research to come up with unique ways of appealing to markets No one else is catering for. Pause for a minute. Seriously, let it soak in because if your starting to wonder what I am rambling on about the penny will click in a minute. In case you haven’t noticed yet, people make a product out of anything. Depending on what their particular Resources are will determine what sort of flexibility any person may have in Coming up with "niche" Products. Examples of resources would be; Expendable Collateral, or simply Money to spend Personal Skills and expertise Expertise and skills of partners/co-workers/employees Physical Inventory, Specialist equipment etc, Thats just a few examples, What are YOUR resources? Sit down, think about it, write a list. Now, think about this, could you actually do something *Totally* different to what your doing now with the resources you have?? Do you even KNOW all the different things that you and the combination of your resources could produce? I mean obviously you have thought about all these things, after all your planning on or are in business for yourself, BUT, when you start doing this ONE SIMPLE Thing differently, when you start looking at your business in this One Lateral Perspective, Niche Marketing as the people have hyped it up to be is going to be Natural Consideration in your Clever All Round Marketing Plan. That perspective is this – The KEY to Niche Marketing, the KEY to successful marketing, the KEY to any business, is COMPLETELY Understanding your market, through *Market Research*! I Cannot stress this enough, Gathering As Much Data about your market as Humanly Possible means you can pin-point specific desires and needs, that No one or Hardly Anyone is addressing or serving! Step Back, Look at your market, find a hole, and plug it with your "New Niche" Product, catered specifically for that group. Now, step back again and review your resources, do you think you could plug ANY Hole in ANY Niche? Remember, Information nowadays is a much sought after product especially if it’s an area of interest with little or no information, or good information is hard to find. What Other Resources do you have at your disposal? Could you plug holes with products no one else has ever thought of? I can vouch, that once you have the right tools to analyze a Broad spectrum of information you will find holes, and you will *Make* ways to get a product for that "Niche". Niche Marketing = Simple Common Sense ; Find the best ways to get the most information about what the most people are doing, buying, searching for, andfind something that people want, that no one else is offering and Give it to them. Does that sink in, theres no big secret, seriously there isn’t, no Niche Marketing Secret, if you think there is then read through this again, if you understand, and are wondering, well great what now?? Ha Ha, you didn’t think I would leave it there did you? Here is a couple of tools I Use Daily to help me make my choices, and also I will discuss in some other articles Later here about how to Maximize Your Resources and find Fresh New resources to Increase your potential Product Portfolio. Step by step though, so, Have you got a list of all your resources, have you thought about any new products off the top of your head, could you write something about a subject that interests you, seriously even if its sports, or Mahogany Wood Chairs, all this information You or Someone you know/works for you are RESOURCES – And heres the Market Research Resources I use and recommend Find out what the trends are currently on ebay, a good way to see what people are buying and even what people Cant Find yet! Http:// helps to give an estimate as to the popularity of a particular keyword, this tool bases its results on words searched and clicked across the Overture PayPerClick network, including Yahoo among others, it isn’t Conclusive, but gives a good idea as to Keyword Popularity. Cross check your Overture Keyword results with the New Ideas you have from the Ebay Hot products pages, and go to to see how popular a Keyword is, or how Competitive it is, by seeing How many other pages are listed for that keyword/phrase too. Anything under 1 million pages is gonna be Reasonable to achieve good Search Engine exposure, You make your own choices though, based on your resources, and your New Found Market Information. Thanks for Reading 相关的主题文章: