Lu Wenbin talks about Shen Congwen a woman is a man yuanmu

Lu Wenbin Shen Congwen: the woman is the man imagined [Abstract] "I don’t want to use the men used to develop hospitality that we enslaving dependent gorgeous, gentle words, I despise that was conceived as the characteristics of female soft elegant heart, delicate delicate and gentle docile demeanor, I only hope that more character more important than beautiful." A woman from Adam a rib that laid the legal basis of men narcissistic, so they give women love will become highfalutin give our love. They do not need to know what a woman is, nor need to understand what a woman loves, because their love and love can determine a woman’s love. So, had Marley Weng lives by virtue of their own imagination created a woman. He loves this woman, because the woman is himself. Piga Marion is the king of Cyprus in Greek mythology. He used magic art carving a beautiful girl like ivory, in round the clock work, put all the energy and enthusiasm of all, all the love gives the statue. Because man is opinionated masculine, so women can only be feminine, masculine woman is not a woman, could not win the man’s love of nature. "A dream of Red Mansions" in Lin Yin soft, almost to the morbid degree, this also happens with men’s masculinity and health, so that they love. "Camel Xiangzi" the tigress is not enough, even a little feminine, masculine, so even if Xiangzi married him, still reluctant to love this woman. He love is joy, joy is not her soft, but he can’t marry Tigress, after all joy and he doesn’t want to accept a heavy burden. Visible, although the masculine feminine love, but if he has no interest, or don’t love. There are a series of lovely women in Shen Congwen’s novels, all of them are gentle, subtle, shy, kind, in short, is a pure and beautiful woman. But, this kind of lovable also is still is advantageous to the man lovable, said to them, if cannot obtain man’s love, that only then has the pitiful. The beauty of a woman can get the favor of men, women’s purity can meet the man autocratic possessive, in addition, they can only let the woman destroy in a law of the jungle in the world. We all know that, in order to be independent and to survive, we sometimes can not be pure, can not be beautiful. Shen Congwen seems very care for women, even to praise being spurned by the prostitute, but don’t forget, after all, a prostitute is man service. There is no doubt that Shen Congwen only care about the "lovely" women, those who can make a man satisfied with women. Shen Congwen "border town" illustrations, China Youth Publishing House published in January 2014 obviously, and we men love women, but rather they love women consumption. In the eyes of men, the woman is cute and beautiful food, the so-called "early so beautiful enough to feast the eyes, face" and "almond eyes" "cherry mouth", this kind of argument. Zhang Xianliang is also a very narcissistic male writer, directly to the woman as a man’s sacrifice. In his hero, the woman is to meet the men from the sex and stomach 0相关的主题文章: