Liquid eye shadow vs pink eye shadow, pro test tell you exactly how to buy! (video) vy canis majoris

Liquid eye shadow VS pink eye shadow, pro test tell you exactly how to buy! The popular Japanese daily report subscription number: zhepen believe that many pro have experienced this moment… Broken into a slag), however, in the rapid development of science and technology today, the problem has been resolved, because the United States and the United States has recently become a popular fashion makeup – liquid eye shadow. With it, I don’t have to worry about my shadow fell dilute broken. Quick report paste on these new stuff is full of curiosity, then decided to collect on the market compared to the popular liquid eye shadow to find out and see what’s the difference with the traditional powder eye shadow! Don’t ask me why, is so easy to learn! This is the protagonist of the three liquid eye shadow: 1: Red Net commodity RMK liquid eye shadow before the burst over the fire (07 colors) liquid eye shadow 2:ARMANI (9 color) 3:THREE liquid eye shadow new fall color (07 colors) we take a look at! RMK RMK as a RMK value as Yan, the new fall, just launched a fire, a red net goods, this series is not only the liquid and liquid eye shadow, blush and lip gloss. Get the hands after the feeling is really floating ah, full of high sense and sense of quality, it is difficult to circle so much powder. Your hands, the first feeling of color is good, color pure metal, coated with cool. Painted on the eyes, painted on the halo please quickly open, or it dries quickly, directly to the shape of a fixed, painted are not open!!! Don’t ask me how I know it! But there is a benefit, do not fade, liquid eye shadow after basic is like a layer of thin film, rub rub off, no makeup. Color is pretty good, is the luster of the metal, not the shiny blingbling powder. RMK VS RMK liquid eye shadow powder eye shadow from sauce have RMK powder eye shadow with brand comparison, using a similar liquid and eye color on the right side of the color on the color lattice, the RMK powder eye shadow! Don’t! Shallow! (reporting sauce buy regret) brush a layer did not see it, reporting sauce brush several layers of color, only very subtle glitter to brush sense of presence, trying to flash… This RMK is only suitable for makeup palette. (liquid eye shadow above, the following is silty eye shadow) eye effect comparison: ARMANIARMANI liquid eye shadow with his home with a kind of lip glaze. (9 color) texture is not RMK thin, after a while it will not be solidified, not like RMK simply do not open feeling. Halo when the feeling is not delicate texture, especially good Tu. Use the eyes painted on the sense of better than RMK (it is big). ARMANI’s liquid eye shadow is also a metallic color, and contains a very fine flash powder, so in the light than the RMK light. Do not fade after, holding makeup degrees are good. ARMANI VSMAISON DE REEFUR liquid eye shadow cream eye shadow MAISON DE REEFUR report sauce brought the cat eye shadow with ARMANI, MAISON DE REEFUR is an independent brand of pear, the cat net相关的主题文章: