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Li Gen: Sichuan local players undervalued Zhou Qi lack of physical fitness is normal   February 24th Beijing time news, after helping Xinjiang win over Beijing, Li Gen accepted the media interview, in the interview, Li Gen talked about in the semi-final against Sichuan team, think outside underestimated the local Sichuan squad. When it comes to Zhou Qi’s physical fitness problems in the series against Beijing, Li Gen says this is understandable. Xinjiang men’s basketball team defeated Beijing in the 14 finals and will challenge Sichuan men’s basketball team on the 26 day to welcome their first match in the semifinals. When it comes to the Sichuan team, Li Gen said: "this season we are in Sichuan and one of a negative, the two sides draw, three of their foreign aid power all obvious to people. However, the strength of Sichuan is not only because of three foreign aid, their local lineup is also neat, each position is not lack of people, I think the outside world and even their local players underestimated." In the local lineup of Sichuan, Li Gen believes Meng Da is the most prominent, and will certainly try to limit his play. "Meng Da has fought for so many years to maintain such a good state, it is really worth learning.". Although we are rivals in this series, first of all, I think of him as a learning object. As an opponent, there’s nothing more to say on the court, and I’ll try my best to limit him when I protect each other." Li Gen said. At present, in the Xinjiang array, the most concerned domestic players may be Zhou Qi, and in the face of Beijing series, Zhou Qi’s physical problems make people worried about his state, but Li Gen think this phenomenon is very normal. "Zhou Qi is very young, the body is also slightly emaciated, playing this kind of game, physical problems appear completely understandable." Li Gen said. "During the match, everyone will remind Zhou Qi to take the time to drink plenty of water and catch up with the energy. I heard that the coaching staff also suggested Zhou Qi to add energy to the infusion, but I don’t know if he finally went." And the older Li Gen also gives Zhou Qi a lot of advice. "He played in Beijing in the first round, with the deepening of the game, Beijing defensive characteristics of the study is also very thorough, so with the depth of the series, he blocked fewer and fewer times. I will tell him this is a normal phenomenon, to yourself, don’t always think of a good defense cap, do not necessarily want to cap the number of judge." Li Gen said. 李根:四川本土球员被低估 周琦体能不足很正常     北京时间2月24日消息,在帮助新疆战胜北京后,李根接受了媒体的专访,在专访中,李根谈到了半决赛中的对手四川队,认为外界低估了四川本土阵容的实力。而当谈到周琦在对阵北京的系列赛中体能出现问题的时候,李根表示此情况完全可以理解。   新疆男篮在1 4决赛中战胜了北京后,将在26日客场挑战四川男篮,迎来自己的半决赛的首场比赛。在谈到四川男篮的时候,李根表示:“本赛季常规赛我们和四川一胜一负,双方战平,他们的三外援威力大家都有目共睹。不过,四川的强大绝不仅仅只是因为三外援,他们本土阵容也很整齐,各个位置都不缺人,我觉得外界甚至对他们的本土球员有些低估。”   而在四川的本土阵容中,李根认为孟达是最为突出的,并表示一定会尽力去限制他的发挥。“孟达打了这么多年还能保持这么好的状态,着实值得我学习。虽然这个系列赛我们是对手,但首先我把他当作一个学习对象。既然作为对手了,在场上就没有更多可说的了,在互相保护对方赛场安全的情况下,我一定竭尽全力去限制他。”李根说道。   目前,在新疆阵中,最被关注的国内球员可能就要属周琦了,而在面对北京的系列赛中,周琦的体能问题让人们对他的状态十分担心,但是李根认为这一现象十分正常。“周琦年纪很轻,身体也略显瘦弱,打这种比赛体能出现点问题完全可以理解。”李根说道。“比赛时,大家都会提醒周琦抽空多喝水,抓紧补充能量。听说教练组也曾建议周琦去输液补充能量,但不知道他最后去没去。”   而更为年长的李根也会给予周琦很多的建议。“他首轮打北京,随着比赛的深入、北京队对其防守特点研究得也很透彻,所以,随着系列赛的深入,他的盖帽次数也越来越少。我就告诉他这是正常现象,要沉住气,别总想着盖帽,好的防守并不一定非要以盖帽的次数来论断。”李根说道。相关的主题文章: