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Shaanxi Yunnan painting and calligraphy Kunming auction works "flower of art" mountain water – in the new network to participate in the auction of works. Ma Qian photo Beijing, September 19 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Ma Qian) 19, from Shaanxi and Yunnan two artists gathered in Kunming, was called a "let the flower of art in the children heart poverty charity culture.". Two famous painting donated a total of about 20 pieces of calligraphy and painting, the auction proceeds will be used to children in poor areas of the calligraphy and painting training. Sound "spring", "spring snow"?…… The reporter saw in the auction site, to participate in the charity two famous painting, have come up with nearly two years of work. Among them, there are traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, also a cursive, seal…… From Shaanxi, the famous painter Xiao Huan, over time even more than 60 years. Also from Shaanxi Pan Wei, Cui Baotang, Bai Jingqin, has started practicing calligraphy, writing time of nearly 60 years. Yunnan Province Artists Association chairman Luo Jiang, a donation of two paintings for auction. At the same time, he also called on the Yunnan Museum of art teachers actively participate in this public service activities. In addition to fame has been a long time for everyone, as well as the rise of rookie in recent years, the two young artists who are pleasing to the eyes of the work, so that people feel happy. For many bidders, yuan lower than the market price of a lot of price, to take Shaanxi and Yunnan painting and calligraphy works, is also a pleasure. "We hope that more children in mountainous areas can learn about Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy." Shaanxi Changan painting and Calligraphy Institute executive president Pan Wei said earlier, the calligraphy works have been in the city tour, Kunming is the fifth station, and will work for charity, or for the first time. "We 7 painters and artists to take out the 8 works of righteousness, not only want to be able to communicate with the painter of Yunnan, but also hope that after a period of professional training, so that the children in the mountains love painting." This is a feast of cultural exchanges between the two provinces, but also a public welfare action." Organizers said, hope that through this event, build a bridge of the Shaanxi and Yunnan exchanges painting industry, let Chinese traditional calligraphy and painting more colorful, more vigorous development, also can make the quintessence to inherit. Day of the activities of a total of 11 films were shot, the total amount of 42400 yuan. The auction site, the Yunnan youth development foundation, the flow of funds throughout the supervision, and will buy a painting of love for people who love to issue a professional donation invoice. (end)相关的主题文章: