Inventory of those who are about to open in Shanghai park public travel to play a new place

The inventory of Shanghai is about to open the public park to travel to play for Pudong’s first new country park is about to open the international landscape planning and design scheme in Heqing country park is located in Shanghai Pudong New Area, Shanghai Beltway East, adjacent to the Pudong International Airport, near the East Sea, and nine sand wetlands across the sea, is the only living shoreline in suburban areas of Pudong New Area a total of 9 kilometers of coastline. The park will be the core area of Pudong to promote the construction of ecological environment, will also be the first country park in Pudong. [with] Fengxian Green Village Riverfront Park, expected to be completed during the year in Fengxian District last year launched the "Fengxian District green building three year action plan", plans to build 8 parks in the region (Fengcheng Park, Riverside Park, green village of Zhelin Park (a), four regiment, Jinhui Park Park, Darling Harbour belt park, Zhuang Gao Feng Road for the park and Park Spark). According to the Green Town Green Village Riverfront Park news, expected to be completed during the year, the park has a total of two bridges, Ling Bo bridge, water bridge, south of Yangtze River Bridge will, for the entire park considerably. [] [articles from Shanghai, Shanghai, Liberation Daily相关的主题文章: