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Innovative effectiveness of   China blue eight cast Legend – public opinion Channel – People’s network on August 26th, China blue ushered in the eight anniversary, Zhejiang satellite TV also handed a beautiful transcript. The first half of 2016, Zhejiang satellite TV to 0.338 all day long average ratings (CSM52 data) to become the new king of Shanxi tv". The recent "the young girl" Fu Yuanhui is dressed in a gorgeous dress Zhejiang TV debut "China champion fan", as the Olympic swimming team Chinese "debris", Fu Yuanhui in the program firepower, filling the hand piece and the essence of humor, once again with full field light expression package. "China champion fan" is the Zhejiang TV for the Rio Olympics specifically to create a variety of sports, the whole program in Brazil, will be the first time the popular athletes that day "grab" into the studio, they show in the game is more real and vivid image. On the same day to review Fu Yuanhui "field force" in the audience, Wang Jun in Hangzhou on behalf of the Zhejiang satellite TV broadcast signed with Tmall this year’s double 11 carnival night, second days, he rushed to Beijing to attend the activities. As head of the Zhejiang satellite TV, Wang Jun left Beijing’s tight schedule busy, when the reporter finally at the Capital International Airport "blocking" to him for a short interview. The speed and passion of the international range of children, Wang Jun simply said "these are as a big table should move." All monuments, contacts with the legend, the city of Hangzhou is the Jiangnan gentle and beautiful, also inherited the Zhejiang, dare to challenge their own dauntless spirit. This is not only reflected in the regional culture, Fu Yuanhui Sun Yang Zhejiang athletes who have the courage to fight the spirit of sports, has penetrated into Zhejiang radio and television were never satisfied, chengtuo daily. August 21st, after a lapse of 12 years, the Chinese women’s volleyball team once again boarded the Olympic podium. Zhejiang TV quickly launched the special arrangement, the first time "come on" women’s Volleyball Championship replay feature, August 23rd "China champion fan" and invited to China women’s volleyball team arrived at the scene, and share the joy of victory. Facing the result, Zhejiang TV is not pleased with oneself, but all zero, and then on the journey. "China blue ‘eyes never rival." Facing reporters doubts, Wang Jun said slowly, we are on the inside of an ecosystem, need to face a common future, especially in a lot of people bad mouthing television background, TV people should hold together build-up, mutual support, "some of US TV director will meet regularly and to share their experiences, find the the opportunity to break the industry." (Wang Xiaohua, commissioning editor Zhu Minggang) "monkey" and "do two forget" 2015 beginning, Wang Jun has put forward the "two forgotten development concept," forget the first, do their own, sword in hand but in the heart is clear between the great sword. Always think of the first easy to lead to win to lose the state. In fact, the failure is not a problem, we are now encouraging program innovation, give the team time and resources for them to do, through continuous training team, the formation of a gradient of talent." In the management philosophy, Wang Jun put forward the "Monkey King")相关的主题文章: