Hunan, Yizhang, an explosion caused 6 dead town party secretary and other 3 people were dismissed

Hunan Yizhang an explosion accident caused 6 dead town party secretary and other 3 were dismissed – Beijing Beijing in September 22 Chenzhou Xinhua (reporter Lu Yi) 16 Yizhang County town of Hunan city of Chenzhou 20 explosion occurred, resulting in 6 deaths. Reporter 22 from the Yizhang County propaganda department was informed that after the incident, Yizhang immediately start accountability mechanisms, the town Party Secretary Yao Ruiping, mayor Tan Lihong and other 3 people were dismissed early. Yizhang County Propaganda Department sources said the explosion site is located in the town of railings ridge village on a remote mountain chicken farm, on-site verification found that a license plate for the Guangdong S – MY651 minivan was blown up. According to preliminary investigation, the accident was caused by illegal production. Currently, the scene has been the end of the search and rescue work, the specific cause of the explosion and the explosion is under intense investigation. The accident caused a total of 6 people were killed, including the illegal production of fireworks fireworks boss and Guangdong S-MY651 small truck driver. After the accident, Chenzhou City, Yizhang County, quickly launched the emergency response mechanism, emergency organization, safety supervision, public security, fire departments rushed to the scene to carry out rescue work. At the same time, Yizhang quickly start accountability mechanisms. The afternoon of September 21st, Yizhang county Party Committee Standing Committee, decided on the 16 town Party Secretary Yao Ruiping, deputy party secretary, mayor Tan Lihong, County Safety Law Enforcement brigade captain Li Rongxi first dismissed for accident investigation after further processing. (end)相关的主题文章: