How To Get Through The Night When Potty

UnCategorized When you are first wandering through the process of potty training your child during the night, it is reasonable to employ the use of a pull-up or diaper. Potty training while your child is wide awake is difficult enough, doing it during the night time hours is one of the more difficult phases of the entire process and will likely take longer than most of the others. Until your child is regularly rising in the morning with a completely dry diaper, it is sensible to maintain your sanity by continuing to do whatever has been working for you from the beginning. Whatever methods have been working for you and your child during the daytime, those are the same methods you should be using when it’s time for your wee one to go down for the night. Of course, in an ideal world you wouldn’t be using diapers of any kind, but it is no doubt true that some children take exceedingly long naps in the afternoon and will have a difficult time holding their urine in while they are still in the early stages of the learning process. Take the steps needed to protect your child’s mattress from the inevitability of night time accidents before allowing them to start sleeping only in their underwear. It is best to monitor your child’s fluids during those few final hours just before sleep. Doing so will help ensure your child remains dry during this most difficult phase of toilet training. Under no circumstances should you ever allow your child to become dehydrated. It is best to simply stay aware of what your child is putting into their bodies. Accidents happen, accept this fundamental truth and the entire experience will be far more pleasant. It is acceptable for your child to have accidents. They are acquiring a new skill and will almost certainly experience a few set backs as we all do. Accidents are not nearly as important as your measured response to them. It is essential for you to encourage your child and never allow them to feel humiliated or discouraged. As soon as your child’s self esteem starts to suffer, the entire potty training experience can be easily rendered into a series of unfortunate events. Night time training is possibly the most difficult part of the process, but same as any other toilet training component, you can go to great lengths to curb the overall difficulty by marrying clear communication with realistic expectations. Remember, patience is the most important part of any successful potty training procedure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: