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Reference-and-Education Over the next couple of years you will find that the government’s aim to have 50 per cent of 18-30 year olds in higher education by 2010 student properties will be.e harder to find. Currently finding a student house to let shouldn’t be a difficult task though you do need to leave yourself enough time. By following some of the re.mendations below you are almost guaranteed to be living in a student property by the time you start your higher education. Most landlords who rent their properties to students do so from the 1st of July on a 12 month tenancy agreement, however you will find that these properties are being advertised from the start of January. This allows plenty of time for students to organise themselves and landlords to find tenants for the .ing academic year. There will be large numbers of students trying to secure ac.modation after gaining exam results meaning you will need to act fast. You will be in .petition to find the best of the remaining properties to rent, as a proportion will have already been reserved by second and third year students who have decided their current property is not suitable for what ever reason. If you’re a first year student you may decide to stay within the university grounds or in ac.modation provided by the university. If this sounds like the type of digs you’re after then contact the university ac.odation office. If the campus or university digs are full ask for ac.modation lists. This is a list of property which is accredited by the university of which the landlords details are usually made available, to allow you to contact the landlord directly. Before you set off to look for your property you need to decided on what type of ac.modation you would like to rent. If you don’t know what’s available to you, you won’t be able to choose the best place to stay during the year. Student digs .e in all styles and sizes from purpose built flats with all mod cons to houses where all facilities are shared. Some properties are within easy reach of the university campusses others you may find are the opposite side of the city. Though you should find that rents are cheaper the further away from the campus you are, if the property is set up for students. If you’re looking to go into a shared house which is on the market for students you should find basic furnishings included, for example a bed, wardrobes, drawers, desk and chair with many kitchen accessories for shared use. It’s .mon for properties to have a broadband connection. Ask yourself if you’re prepared to be a few bus stops away from the campus to be nearer the social zone or whether you want your own space to concentrate on studies. Once you know exactly what you are looking for start your search on the internet, you will find that this is the quickest route to finding suitable ac.modation available. Make calls to estate and letting agents as soon as possible to book appointments. Once you have found the right property be sure to put down a deposit to reserve it for you and arrange to .plete other necessary forms as soon as you can. If after viewing a property you decide to take a room see if the agent or landlord will be happy to pass on your details to other house mates so you can meet before you move in. Be sure to get a receipt for your deposit and ensure the room you’re after is documented, as you don’t want to find that there is a dispute when you move in. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: