How To Choose The Best Smart Tv In

.puters-and-Technology On this page we want to give you some step-by-step advice on how to choose the right model to satisfy your needs. Whether or not the time is right to buy a Smart TV at the moment is a difficult question. We are sure that the high standards set by the newest models are so advanced; they will persist for a long period. Once decided to purchase a Smart TV, the sole question remaining is which one?. There are numerous brands offering a wide array of different models. From basic to advanced, small to large, cheap to expensive: for almost every individual need there is a suitable model. 1. Smart TV, set-top box or HDMI dongle? As mentioned, the first decision to make is whether or not it is necessary to buy a whole TV. If not, there are certain alternatives which enable smart features on your normal TV as well, but we will .e to that later. This decision is actually not a hard one. If your current TV is an old model (5 10 years) or even a CRT TV and you want to buy a new one, we would undoubtedly advise you to buy a Smart TV. Everything else would not make sense at this stage. On the other hand, if you already have, for example, an HD-ready Plasma TV but are tempted to go for an improved version, we would advise you to think twice. There are two other possibilities which can even make your current TV smart. One of them is the set-top box, which is a small TV box you can plug in to your TV and which contains almost all the elements of a real Smart TV. The second possibility is the HDMI Stick. This little gadget looks just like a USB-stick and can simply be plugged in the HDMI port of your TV. Much like the set-top box it provides your TV with a limited amount of Smart TV features. Those two solutions are far less expensive than a .plete Smart TV, they will also satisfy your needs in terms of video playback, connectivity, web-browsing and app availability. 2. Which brand? All the major TV and electronics manufacturers have discovered the great potential the Smart TV market has and are thus all .peting for the top spot. Currently, Samsung and LG are the most innovative and most successful .panies, followed by Philips, Sony and Sharp. While Google powers a lot of set-top boxes, Apple has its own device and is furthermore rumored to release a Smart TV itself. 3. Which model? Once decided on the brand, the journey to your Smart TV has reached its final step: The selection of the appropriate model. Whereas the amount of brands was still manageable, the number of each of their different models is enormous. There is no point in trying to list all the models, but we can, however, give you a basic overview on how those models differ. All the major brands have a similar product range: models range from being low-budget, basic equipped and barely connectable to expensive, high-end and high-performing. Prices range from $300 (200) to $10,000 (6,500). Although this may sound naive, in general you can assume that the higher the price, the better the TV. Conclusion In the end, based on those guidelines, it is up to you to choose the best solution for your needs. If you know what you are looking for and keep in mind the important points discussed above, it should not be difficult anymore for you to decide which Smart TV suits you best. Have fun! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: