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GPS Recently, car GPS has be.e one of the most popular consumer electronics for the increase of car consumption number. Then, to buy a really portable functional automatic GPS navigator is rapidly an important topic. But today, our point is to help you find lower price but practical ones to you. Before you choosing a GPS, you should have an idea about these problems: Do you really need a standalone PND (Portable Navigation Device) or just use your cell phone? How broad is the screen, 4.3 inch, 5.0 inch or 7.0 inch? Do you need a live traffic subscription? How about the voice control? Standalone or not Though GPS enabled cell phone is gaining ground in the PND market, the standalone one is far from defeated. Standalone GPS navigators feature more than cell phone enabled ones: audible driving directions with text-to-speech, real-time traffic updates, Internet connectivity for points-of-interest search, and large easy-to-read screens, etc. Special and professional designs endowed standalone ones more superior. Screen Size Screen size is an important factor that cannot be ignored. Nowadays, 5.0 inch displays is hot spot and you can find many models on the market hitting this mark. You can save a lot if you choose smaller one and reasonably the more expensive of the price, the larger of the screen. There are also bigger display on the market, 6.0 inch, 7.0 inch are all available. On-board Maps Actually, when you buy a GPS navigator you will get the preloaded maps in each region and country, and you can also buy from manufacturer or download from internet if you need additional maps. Therefore, you had better to tell your exact region when you buy one. And dont forget to keep you maps up to date for construction is inevitable and roads are constantly changing, keeping your maps up-to-date is also important. Some .panies charge for each map update. So, be sure to check the map-update policy before you buy. Voice Control When you choose GPS navigator you should notice its voice control system, the more portable the better. So you can keep your hands on the wheel rather than poking at buttons on the devices touch screen. Extra Function If you want some entertainment with your navigation, many devices include media players that support .mon audio, photo, eBook or video formats. Now many portable GPS navigation system support a much more practical extra Bluetooth function so that you can connect your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and access your contact list to make hands-free calls through the GPS, rather than wearing a clunky headset. All in all, the suitable one is the best rather than the most expensive one. Those functions I mentioned above are all basic factors. Based on these ideas you can choose your favorite type, color and typical function. Hope you have a good shopping! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: