How To Balance His And Her Wants – Wedding

Marriage-Wedding Wedding was created to merge a couple who has unconditional love for each other. It is the time for a lifetime .mitment under the law of the creator of heaven and earth. We frequently have few arguments on how we celebrate our own wedding. As a soon to be husband and wife you need to practice making decisions together and checking up on both sides will be the goal of this method. More often, even if you already decided what to do on certain things we will still be on a situation where we need to consider other feelings too. Thus, making decision when you need to acknowledge important people first will never be easy. There will always be times like this if you are on wedding planning stage where you need to think over their suggestions and opinions. When we talk about wedding planning, it is very important to balance his and her wants. Let’s face it, you will never have a perfect wedding if you are just considering the other side of the story. Equal participation and number of guests on wedding day must be made. I have been to a wedding where almost all guests were on the brides’ side and they ended up being divorced! I am not saying that if the wedding was dominated by one side, the relationship will not work. However, practicing equality as soon as possible is a good way to start a married life. So how can we balance each others wants? How to say I will have this and you will have that? These are some the questions that is so difficult to find an answer! Even I who is always there on wedding planning stage have a hard time figuring out what to do on this kind of situation. My suggestion is to list the things you desire on wedding day and separate them into very important to least important and both of you should have different lists. After you list what you desire on your wedding, try to suit it to your specified budget. What if your lists do not agree with your budget? Simply go to your least important list and cut the last thing you want in your wedding one after the other (toss coin if who will have the first cut). You will not put something in your least important list if it is necessary, so thinking about the cut will make you stressed. This is a fun activity that will let you enjoy wedding planning more. So what if you already cut the list important list and your budget still do not agree with your wedding? Now, we have a big problem. What you need to do now is to go to your very important list and pick the necessary things first! This is the time where you .bine your lists and decide together on how you can make a perfect wedding. Pick the very important things one by one until it suits your budget. So what if you still have a hard time fitting your wants to your budget? Ask the help of a wedding planning coordinator! It is the only way to solve some issues with your budget. Although you might spend few dollars by hiring an expert, you will see the difference along the way. You may ended up having your very important and least important list at the same time on your wedding and you do not have to worry on anything else because they can take care of that for you. Having your useful lists will make the job of a professional easier and maybe useful to them on their next client. Who knows, may be they will give you discounts for the useful information! Your wedding day will always be the last day of being single. However, this will also be the start of a new beginning and a continuation of unconditional love. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: