Honda sued in the United States in the United States air bag explosion claims 1 million – Sohu noiseware

Takada Honda indicted in the United States Air Explosion claims 1 million – Sohu according to the British Automobile Reuters reported on November 1st, the United States of Texas, a female owner Monday and American company v. Honda Takada, for at least $1 million. The woman claimed that she was injured in an explosion in a low speed traffic accident. Takata airbag gas generating agent containing ammonium nitrate component has been reported at least 16 deaths caused by the case, these events occurred mainly in the United States, killing at least 150 people were injured, and has caused large-scale recall. The female owner in October 31st submitted to the state court said the high field characteristics of ammonium nitrate gas "dangerous and unstable" knew, but because of its low cost and continue to use. The plaintiff’s lawyer said that the airbag gas broke under the impact of the debris flying out of the chest and arm hurt the woman. Honda and the field did not respond in a timely manner. The company has launched the largest recall in the history of the automotive industry, following the announcement that it had problems with airbags in many countries earlier this year. The airbag problem has caused the company to get into a number of legal disputes. U.S. regulators require the company to recall all the trouble before 2019 without any desiccant desiccant airbag. (Editor: Qiu Liying)相关的主题文章: