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"Hey, kids" slobber battle upgrade in her heart – Sohu entertainment topic at the audience Jiang Wenli Guo Xiaodong Li Xiaoran Qi Xi Han Qing Sohu entertainment news recently, by the Zhejiang TV hit drama "Hey, a child is causing" slobber war escalated in the play, Jiang Wenli played the rhyme story by her humble, the two generation of the audience fighting, hey child view makes two generation praying for the audience pinch hot topic is escalating, micro-blog not only become a hot topic, more become the major media hot. Some media said that the TV drama "Hey," children of life reveal very deep sub topic tore the hearts of the audience. Media reports, "Hey," the child raised the topic of social discussion for children in her view of two generation hey caused the audience pinch for topic ignited in the Internet, the two generation of the audience views clear to each other, the topic continues to heat up, micro-blog entered the list of the top two hot topics. After that, the mainstream media across the country will soon pay attention to this topic, and start tracking reports, "Beijing morning news", "Tianjin daily", "City Express", "Qingdao Evening News", "new Express", "Bohai Morning Post" and other newspapers and many portals for "Hey," the child her topic is reported, "Beijing morning news" published an article entitled "urban drama" Hey, kids "leads to the" praying view "big discussion" topic news reported, because the concept of conflict between the topic of the two generation caused by the audience. The "Tianjin daily" to "" Hey, kids "fertility concept cited hot topic, introduces the drama triggered by fierce fighting hot topic and the audience; and the" Qingdao Evening News "by" Jiang Wenli "praying" audience "but a text, the focus of attention. The media wrote more directly in the article: "young people complain that middle-aged people square, stand no child desperate way; but the middle-aged recriminations young people are too young and ignorant, only experienced to empathy…… From the "sub view" on the huge differences between the two generation of the audience can see that children problem is the real gap between two generations." "Hey, kids" slobber battle upgrade, sub topic tear the hearts of the audience as a life theme, "Hey kid" by the unique angle of view and down to earth story attracted a lot of attention. Jiang Wenli interpretation of the party to rhyme praying, humble and "Crazy", after that he ovarian failure, her whole world collapsed, and even want to borrow egg twins. With the sustained hit drama, praying on topic rhyme is also rising, the collision between two generations is increasingly fierce, can spark overflowing. Young people continue to hold high the banner of freedom, love, and resolutely safeguard the individuality, shouting "the child is not a thing, also can adopt" "what’s up, why still insist on serving the decadent thoughts; and middle-aged people in this battle did not concede, that" there is no experience, do not understand "or" young people the children, of course do not know what children mean for parents, so Diamond cuts diamond. debate is fierce. Not only that, "Hey," the topic to her children.相关的主题文章: