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I want to save the world from things lke suffering, chaos, conflict, stuckness and decay. This article could pave the way to a better future for everyone. My name is Martin Camden. I am a 52 year old white British man living in South London in the United Kingdom. I have be.e a happiness expert through being fascinated by the subject for 52 years. Times are changing. Exciting things are happening everywhere you look. The future is beginning to look rosy at last. A corner has been turned. I have now "sorted myself out" and I am now well on my way to "finding myself". I have spent the whole of my life searching tirelessly for solutions to my chronic unhappiness collecting ideas from many different sources and trying them out for myself as best that I could. I have aimed for .plete personal integrity at all times and this has kept me well on track at all times. Now that I have "sorted myself out" and begun the process of "finding myself" I now believe that I am well placed to help others to get into a similar position. So that is what this document is all about—giving you, the reader, some key tools to help you on your journey or way. Section 2–Choice and the Rational Mind, Flow and the Intuitive Mind: Conscious choice is always much better than blind .pulsion. We can use our rational mind to make choices, we can "go with the flow" or we can do a bit of both. The rational mind makes rational decisions in an attempt to control and manipulate the world around us. And "Going with the flow" means allowing yourself to be guided by your intuitive mind. Making space for your intuitive mind is very important because this mind takes good care of your feelings. When it .es to deciding whether to be totally rational, totally intuitive or a bit of both there are no rights and wrongs. Which choice you make depends on what you are trying to achieve. But if both your rational mind and your intuitive mind are free to operate naturally without impediment your entire rational/intuitive system will be.e self-regulating. Fancy that!—steadily moving towards realisation of your wildest dreams with no unproductive effort whatsoever Some people talk about being at their best when they are "in the zone". Others talk of "peak experiences" where for no apparent reason high performance became effortless for a while. These are both examples of where the rational/intuitive system has be.e totally uninhibited for a while demonstrating the wonderment of this state of being. If only we could be "in the zone" all of the time. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I believe that it is possible to be "in the zone" for more of the time if you work at it in the right ways. If you would like some of this for yourself then read on. No more self-sabotage will lead rapidly to greater satidfaction and fulfilment: I have always been a highly rational person. Presumably because of difficult circumstances when I was a young child my intuitive mind gave total control of my life to my rational mind. My intuitive mind did not feel safe and it believed that the best policy was to put my emotional and physical safety in the hands of my rational mind. My rational mind then set about the task of solving all of the problems presented to it by the intuitive mind. My rational mind did the best it could. Over the years my rational mind got stronger and stronger. Learn how to get your ration mind and your intuitive mind to cooperate rather than .pete. But my intuitive mind insisted on .plete safety before it would fully re-emerge. So my rational mind had to work harder and harder. Eventually, at the age of 38, I developed a mental illness (manic-depression). I was locked up in secure units for many years giving me many more problems to solve Through introspection and through talking to large numbers of other people of many different kinds (happy and miserable alike) I determined that the 6 main problems in life are: Unnecessary fears, unhelpful .pulsions, unwanted stuckness (the experience of feeling stuck), struggle that does not serve our life purposes, unresolved impatience and unresolved frustration. These 6 things are all that stands between each of us and eventual .plete satisfaction and fulfilment. A positive approach to helping other people is to provide them with satisfaction and fulfilment coaching, but a focus on eliminating the above obstacles should be a big part of this coaching process. No more self-sabotage will lead rapidly to greater satidfaction and fulfilment. My journey has been long and arduous, but my hard work is now starting to pay off in a big way. This document is supposed to encapsulate my current best thinking arising from my 52 years of experience. I hope that you find it of value in your life. Sectioon 4–Containment of Frustration and Impatience: Sometimes, in order to achieve what we are meant to achieve we have to contain ourselves resulting in necessary frustration and necessary impatience. These things are best tolerated because in the fullness of time they will be rewarded. There is the concept of delayed gratification—everything .es to he or she who waits. In my life I have has the concept of "the long wait" meaning that on many occasions I have waited, sometimes for years, for something interesting, satisfying or motivating to turn up. The opposite of containment is spontaneity. Ideally our capacity for both of these things should be strong. They both have their place. And as with choice and flow things work best when the balance between them is free, natural and self-regulating Containment is very important in controlling something that psychotherapists call "acting out". "Acting out" is where addiction to spontaneity or lack of self-control results in a playing out of old "distress recordings". This may upset or annoy other people but it has its place because it reminds other people of their own distress and of the prevalence of distress that exists in the world. People like me would not feel a need to "act out" if other people did not constantly stick their heads in the sand. Section 5–The Importance of Integrity and "Walking Your Talk": If you are aiming for total satisfaction and fulfilment in the shortest possible time then you will need integrity—a .mitment to "walking your talk" and avoiding hypocrisy as far as this is possible. But for those of us who want an easier life then integrity will be of less importance. This is okay. We are all different. One person’s perfection does not have to be the same as the next person’s perfection. One person’s preferred kind of happiness does not have to be the same as the next person’s preferred kind of happiness. But perhaps we all automatically have integrity. Perhaps having integrity is an integral part of being a human being. Or is lack of integrity responsible for most kinds of anti-social behaviour or crime? Should we teach miscreants and criminals about the benefits of integrity so that they can reconnect with it and reconnect with their lives? And "walking your talk" goes one step further than integrity. "Walking your talk" is about advising other people based on your own experiences and then taking your own advice—or giving yourself a taste of your own medicine! People who "walk their talk" are people who are born to lead, and such people should seek each other out, connect with each other and learn from each other. These leaders can then go out into the world with a view to enabling, empowering and inspiring those who specialise in other ways. Freedome from distress and insanity: I usually describe myself as a Liberation and Personalisation Trainer. I could also call myself a Satisfaction and Fulfilment Coach because these 2 job descriptions are just 2 sides of the same coin. Liberation is about freeing individuals from the 6 obstacles to freedom listed in the section above. Personalisation is about the art of making choices in life that serve each individual’s true self and not their ego. Satisfaction and fulfilment are achieved by steadily working on satisfying all of your unmet needs until high levels of satisfaction are achieved. The benefits of doing this can be wonderful. You can end up feeling great—just the way you want to feel—and you should get more done with less effort. Does this sound too good to be true? When trying to save yourself and contribute to world peace it helps to have a bit of detail as to how these things might be achieved. I will supply these details in due course or you could ask me for more detail directly. 相关的主题文章: