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News-and-Society This is the situation we are confronting today. The ever increasing road rage incidents, kidnappings by teenagers, sex related crimes, incidents of shootings in schools and elsewhere are all expression of growing aggression among our youth. Aggression in its broadest sense is disposition or behavior that is forceful, hostile or attacking. It may occur in retaliation or without provocation. It may also be an action for social dominance. In todays highly competitive world, aggression has become a trait which parents themselves unknowingly cultivate in their children in the desire to make them have an edge over other children. As a result, kids grow up as individuals who have less tolerance and patience levels. Added to this, since patience these days has become a dwindling virtue, parents are unable to become good role models for their children. In the fast paced day to day life we lead, we neither have the time nor energy to be patient ourselves, leave alone teach patience. So it all begins from the family, the first social group that a child interacts with. When an individual enters school and then college, he/she encounters a whole new set of expectations. He/she is supposed to outperform other classmates from the very beginning. There is constant stress resulting from competition. Then come exam stress, peer pressure, bullying and so on. Such is the social conditioning that success in every endeavour has become a do or die issue. Failure and rejection is viewed as agonizing personal humiliation and loss of social prestige. Gradually the young people around us are developing into individuals unable to accept failure at all. And when they do meet with failure, they lash out incoherently because the mind does not know how to remain calm in such a circumstance. Some months back, a student of Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, calmly walked into a classroom with an axe and a pistol, asked a girl to walk out with him and when she refused consumed poison and then slashed her mercilessly. It later came to be known that he had been pursuing the girl for two years and could not handle his emotions when his proposal was declined by the girl. Probably this rejection was the last straw for an already stressed mind or probably the growing tendency to see only ones own point of view and zero tolerance level for what the other person feels, might be the reason for this shocking incident. The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it open says an American humourist. But patience today has become a rare commodity. More opportunities, more options, more means of enjoyment, more gadgets- this gradually growing more has now assumed Frankenstein proportions. Everyone seems to be mindlessly chasing more. And when these very hopes are dashed, desires remain unfulfilled, the result is stress and impatience which in turn leads to aggressive forms of behavior to attain the elusive end. The means is no longer important. It is only the end that matters. The rise in kidnappings masterminded by youngsters to earn quick bucks is thus on the rise. Whether one makes those quick bucks at the cost of creating havoc in someone elses life is no longer a matter of great consequence. Read More: https://janpratinidhi.com/blog/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: