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"Hair" reincarnation, chat the Volkswagen EA888 engine series – Sohu automobile Sohu [auto high beam] we believe that for the main series of popular 2.0T models have been very familiar with, that is the popular EA888 series engine. Today, the "hair" series has been out of the third generation, the new models equipped with Audi S3, the new TT precursor platform based on horizontal or four-wheel drive vehicles based on multi disc clutch. So, what is the history of EA888? And what kind of evolution? Today we will talk about a simple, this "hair" the past life of students. The first generation EA888:2006 -2009 years in 2006, in order to unify the 2 liter and 1.8 liter engine batch, Volkswagen developed a universal is very high, the overall high degree of completion of a general 2 liter turbocharged engine, his name is EA888. Equipped with EA888 engine of the earliest to see to the number of MAGOTAN, is born in PQ46 on the platform of the 6 generation Passat (B6), now the evergreen Passat intermediate car has launched the seventh generation (B7), but still use the power and chassis of the PQ46 platform, and the same 2.0TSI engine is still there in this new car, and 6 speed DSG gearbox has become the designated action Passat family. In fact, EA888 is to replace the EA113 engine developed a new model, is led by Audi developed. The new engine has many technical breakthroughs compared with EA113, such as the use of timing chain to replace the timing belt for power transmission, the use of stratified combustion technology and the use of variable valve timing technology, etc.. For 1.8 liters and the difference between the engine of 2 liters, in fact, mainly concentrated in the piston rod, the diameter of the cylinder is the same for both 82.5mm, while the piston stroke is different, respectively, 84.1mm and 92.8mm. That is to say, the two different displacement EA888, its diameter is exactly the same, only need to replace the piston and connecting rod corresponding to switch back and forth between the displacement in 1.8 liters and 2 liters. This greatly simplifies the design of the logistics system and the complexity of production and processing, but also allows the owners in the late modification, it is easy to upgrade the 1.8 liter engine to a liter of 2. This design in TOYOTA 3GR-FE and 5GR-FE can see, many of the domestic 2.5 Reiz change 3 engine is achieved by replacing the piston connecting rod, low cost, no risk, the effect is obvious. For the first generation of EA888, the problem is relatively more, after all, is the first generation of products, so many design problems until mass production was exposed, such as the US for having heard it many times "burning oil". So for these problems, the public soon in 2009 launched the second generation EA888 models. Here we look at the second generation models, and what improvements? Second generation EA888: 2009 -2014 male相关的主题文章: