Hainan Yi arts school of public welfare training for the first time to report the performance of the jodie foster

Hainan Hong arts Normal University public training for the first time concert held in Haikou, people.com.cn — Hainan windows people.com.cn people.com.cn Hainan windows on 30 September, September 29th, "leading incense industry, spread Incense Culture – 2016 Chinese (Hainan) Hong arts Normal University public training for the first time concert held in Haikou, more than 200 guests experience a on the road of incense, incense culture visual feast. This is the first time held in Hainan incense industry large professional Incense Culture performances. Professional performance groups in Hainan Incense Culture — the incense culture art group of the first show performances, from Perspective of the performance of the ancient Chinese Incense Culture: "gather fragrant dance" reflects the primitive ancestor ancestors pick sweet scene, "the show", "sweet sweet", "dou yiroyal sweet" performance of the Tang Dynasty during the period of the real drunk and bustling spectacular, "show", "Hong Zhuan world" shows the incense Xianglian and daily life circulation harmony, lets me return to life, physical and mental health. The performances of rich and colorful, elegant taste, fragrant culture find everything fresh and new performances to the audience and unique visual enjoyment and spiritual resonance, incense feelings infection It’s perfection itself. everyone at the scene. The event organized by the Hainan Provincial Cultural Association, Hainan fragrant incense industry technology innovation strategic alliance, hosted by the Hainan fragrant tree incense industry Limited by Share Ltd, Hainan Xiang Culture Co. Ltd., by the Zhejiang chamber of Commerce, Hainan province wide material estate group? The new port of Haikou City Island Development Corporation, Agricultural Bank, CITIC Bank, China Haikou Bank of South of Jiangsu Town, Biguiyuan Hainan branch and other units support. (commissioning editor Wu Zhangui and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: