Guo Degang for the first time to respond to the Cao Cao mutual tear want to see the excitement and s oboni

Guo Degang for the first time to respond to each tear: Guo Cao want to watch again and so on – Beijing, Guo Degang and Cao Yunjin tore to mentoring enemies from Monday Saturday. Yesterday afternoon, Guo Degang responded to Cao Yunjin in the "King’s Iqiyi long pit" show the scene said: "no big thing for me. A composition change the outlook on life? Then I’ll give you the whole story, you can’t fly." "King" is the first pit to stand up comedy show, Guo Degang Iqiyi jointly launched in September 25th on the line, the 52, the program, Guo Degang tells the whole exploration "," Nine "crypt head case" etc. long monologues. Micro-blog issued a recall apprentice Hou Yaowen yesterday is teacher’s day, Guo Degang long hair micro-blog recalls his apprentice experience, said thanks mentor Hou Yaowen Lipaizhongyi, he put into the door wall. Guo Degang Hou Yaowen was not easy, he recalls, was a thing has been many people including their parents brothers, opposition, but also personally for Hou Yaowen Lipaizhongyi, Guo disembarrassing. In support of the Guo Degang Hou, in Beijing folk art circles stand firm, also makes Deyunshe later development. Long, also clarified "refused to worship Li Jindou as a teacher", Guo said, when there is an opera group to ask him to help me show, "temptation" is to help him and his wife to account, and the other is to make conditional worship the Guo troupe veteran Li Jindou teacher. But after the troupe was another actor to join the league, the league, it was a master Guo no mention. Later, Guo Degang met Li Jindou I to talk to this section, no one knows in the group and Lee said to what is "Oolong". But the whole process is outside said apprentice Li Jindou refused. "A composition to change the outlook on life?" The matter in pit King conference site was mentioned in the media. A reporter asked the teacher Miss Hou Yaowen, what about this week, his former disciple Cao Yunjin "pen". Guo Degang immediately said, "I know what you’re asking," and laughed. He said that these days are too busy, a lot of things have not come over, "for me is not a big deal. A composition change the outlook on life? So I give you the whole story, you can’t fly?" The conference, Guo Degang was nearly an hour late, there are media ridicule, traffic jam, there is no thought in the car? Guo Degang joked: "I blocked a road at noon, get down to sleep for a while, my grandmother died at the age of 98, because the big thing doesn’t care, if I mind alive today." As for Cao Yunjin will have to respond, Guo Degang side said, tomorrow I will go to the United States to open a special performance in North america. I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, love handles things done and then do something else, if you look lively, and etc.!" Text newspaper reporter Zu Wei and his new statement: preparing for the Spring Festival Gala, the most important event on the other side of the party, Cao Yunjin also has a new dynamic of the. Monday long after the issue, many users a message let him talk about the Guo Degang thing, he quipped: "Oh, really want to hear gossip!" There are friends mentioned to worship Cao Yunjin as a teacher, he quipped Xian相关的主题文章: