Great Tourist Attractions In Santo

UnCategorized The Caribbean islands are well known for their tourist appeal, but what really makes them so popular is the fact that each place has its particular flavor. Santo Domingo, for example, is very much loved and appreciated for offering tourists a great taste of a large city, while giving up on nothing that the Caribbean islands are so much sought after. Whether you like catching a tan on a beautiful beach, visiting historic landmarks or experiencing the bustling urban life, Santo Domingo will surely offer it to you. Home of 2.5 million people, Santo Domingo, which is the capital of the Dominican Republic, ac.modates a far more numerous population as many tourists choose this destination each year. Despite being quite a crowded city, at least in some areas, Santo Domingo is known for its low criminality rate. Also, you will be amazed to see how clean and pristine the beaches are kept, letting the tourist enjoy the Caribbean at its best. The colonial district is, for sure, one place you need to visit. The Ozama River washes its borders, lending it a particular flavor. Here, you can visit old buildings, dating from the 16th century, that are still preserved in perfect shape. Take a walk on the cobblestone streets and visit the many museums – which are nothing but old palaces now opening their gates for tourists and travelers. If you want to take a break, stop at one of the many cafes in the area. You will be amazed with the relaxed and laid back setting as the locals do nothing that affects the sanctity of this place. A walk to Los Tres Ojos caves will certainly satisfy the explorer in you. They were transformed to be more tourist friendly and you will be enjoying some really great views, as the floors are covered with shallow lakes, on which ducks love to put on a show for guests. Take some bread with you and feed the ducklings; it is the type of entertainment children will enjoy as well. For tourists wishing for a taste of urban Santo Domingo, Calle El Conde is the place to be. This is an old street, on which businesses are flourishing. Here, you can go shopping for gifts or other items, or enjoy a palatable beverage in one of the many cafes. Also, if you want to have fun, this area of Santo Domingo is for you. Historical landmarks are scattered all over the place. El Alcatraz de Colon dates back in the 16th century, and was built in the Italian Renaissance style. Although the construction seldom suffered in the past because of landslides, it was always rebuilt, as the locals do not want to give up on this still living proof of their culture. If you want to experience a place that .bines successful the urban pleasures with other tourist attractions, Santo Domingo is certainly one destination you should try. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: