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Travel-and-Leisure Grand Canyon Vacation Tours by Helicopter Do you have any idea that a round trip helicopter flight from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyons West Rim only takes three hours?If you desire a truly exciting way to see the powerful beauty of Grand Canyon, you must avail a helicopter tour. There are a handful of trusted helicopter tour companies that provide memorably safe air tours for your Grand Canyon vacation and among these are Maverick, Mustang, and Grand Canyon Helicopters. Tour prices range from $220 for the basic West Grand Canyon Rim Tour and will increase from there if you wish to tour other tourist spots. Every seat offered by these Grand Canyon tour helicopters is the best one in the cabin and guarantees a full view of the canyon. To further satisfy their guests, most helicopters come with wraparound cabins, noise reduction interiors, oversized seats, and two-way audio systems that let you communicate with the pilot and your fellow passengers. Wonderful Hotels For Your Grand Canyon Vacation While surveying the beauty of the place, vacationers may also relax and wind down in different hotels provided during your Grand Canyon vacation. With many hotels operating in the place, you can easily select a lodging that meets your minimal budget while enjoying an overlooking view of the Grand Canyon. A hotel that you may take into consideration is Grand Canyon Railway Hotel in Williams, which is located exactly a block away from the famous Route 66. Vacationers are given the privilege to spend their afternoon shopping along the known Route 66 Highway and can accessibly return to the hotel to chill out in its refreshing outdoor pool and spa tub. The hotel provides an ATM, fireside, a 24-hour front desk, contemporary health club gear, a grocery warehouse and gift shop, travel assistance and caretaker, seminar stations, coffee shops, arcade, and picnic corners with barbecue grills. Another hotel that you should also consider is The Grand Canyon Hotel, which is a beautiful two-storey European inspired hotel furnished with 25 exquisite rooms. Grand Canyon Vacation: Tour Offers One of the most breathtaking sights a person could ever experience in his lifetime is the view of Grand Canyon by air. Vacationers who have frequently been to this known tourist spot is still left speechless whenever they get the chance to look its true beauty and power. One of the best methods to fully appreciate Grand Canyons beauty is to avail a Grand Canyon flight tour, which lands on a plateau of the Canyon approximately 3000 feet down. Once you have reached down and want to have a memorable activity, you can take a stroll down to the bottom of the canyon and mount back up. There are a lot of hotel companies that offer different Grand Canyon tour choices that are included in different Grand Canyon vacation deals. Among these tours include helicopter tours, small aircraft tours, horse riding tours, rock climbing tours, river raft tours and even Hummer tours. Vacation for Seniors: Grand Canyon Various discounts for seniors on hotel accommodations and airline tickets are offered in Grand Canyon vacation senior packages. These special deals include day tours that are specifically designed for the older generation, thus, the attractions spots to be visited perfectly suits them. Most of the senior tours visit famous tourist spots such as Grand Canyon, which is one of the natural wonders of world and where both young and old people are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience. The age and health of the passengers has to be taken into consideration that is why these tours are generally bus tours that involve a minimum adventure. Free entry into the Grand Canyon National Park as well as complimentary breakfast or lunch is being offered by several senior tours. The senior tours provide buses that are mostly modern motor coaches to give the elderly tourists maximum comfort and leisure during their tour. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: