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UnCategorized Many people don’t know that there are actually a couple different tours with Grand Canyon helicopters: The basic tour and the deluxe tour. Most select the basic tour, because it costs less. Even though the deluxe tours cost more, they are a much better value and offer a better experience. Perks Of The Deluxe Air Tours So, how can the more expensive tour be the best value? It’s because of all the extra perks you get. The deluxe Vegas tours offer you an aerial tour of the Strip, and they also provide free transportation by limo. If you opt for the basic tour, you miss the aerial view of Vegas since the chopper lifts off from an airfield in the suburbs, plus, you’ll have to go on a 35 minute ride in a shuttle van just to get to the airfield. Plus, deluxe tours utilize state-of-the-art aircraft. They use the EC 130, which is actually the best aerial sightseeing helicopter that is available. The aircraft has a huge wraparound windshield and there are no bad seats, since they are arranged stadium-style. You’ll also appreciate the smooth flights offered on these choppers thanks to their enhanced aerodynamic design. Vegas Tours The deluxe tours from Vegas include both air only and tours that land. Both tours follow the same flight path, and give you an aerial view of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam on route to the canyon. The air-only flights circle the West Rim and fly back to Las Vegas, while the landing tours set down at the canyon. If you don’t have much time to spend, then the air-only tours are the best way to see the Grand Canyon. A landing tour is better for those with time that want to land at the base of the canyon, enjoy a picnic and have a one of a kind experience. The West Rim is the only place in the Grand Canyon where helicopters are allowed to land on the canyon floor, so if you want to take a landing tour, plan on going to Grand Canyon West. You can extend the time of your tour by including the glass bridge Skywalk and traveling down the Colorado River if you’d like. South Rim Tours The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is in Arizona near the border with Utah. The tours offered there are a shorter one that lasts 30 minutes and a longer one that lasts 50 minutes. The 30 minute trip takes you across the Canyon and back. If you decide to go for the longer trip, you can see nearly 75% of the canyon from the air. The deluxe air tours sell out pretty fast. Because of their popularity, you’ll need to ensure that you purchase your tickets at least 2 weeks in advance. When you buy your tour early, there are more tour options to choose from too, so you might be able to snag seats on the most popular early morning flights. Be sure to book your seats online too. That way, you can use the Inter. rate, which is usually much less expensive. Conclusion If you’re trying to decide between the basic or deluxe tour, you should opt for spending more on the deluxe version, because it is worth it. It is actually a better value. Don’t to book your tour well ahead of time, and buy your seats online. You’ll save money when you do it that way, but it is also very easy and convenient for you too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: