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Travel-and-Leisure Situated at the intersection of Wat Bo Road with the National Road No. 6, the Golden Orange Hotel is one of the most affordable hotels in Siem Reap. Its located at a 10-minute drive from the Siem Reap International Airport and, being situated in the heart of Angkor region; its close to the most spectacular temples of the region, as well as other local hotspots such as interesting restaurants and souvenir shops. Get a Western-Styled Experience in a Cambodian Ambiance: The hotels staff is very friendly and makes your staying a relaxing one, being able to manage all services you might need, in a professional manner. As a guest of this hotel, you get benefits of free internet access, cable TV with over 60 channels including well-known international channels such as CNN and BBC, making it easy to stay up to date with world news and weather forecasts. The Western experience is .pleted by the international dishes served at the restaurant that functions within the hotel, the Cut Above Steak House, which serves delicious American-styled barbecue steaks. After a day in the hot sun of Cambodia, you can relax and have fun at an authentic sports bar, .plete with a pool table, a game of darts, and other fun games. Get Easily To One of the Friendliest Hotels in Siem Reap: If you choose Golden Orange Hotel for your holiday, you will not have any problem securing a mean of transportation, because the hotel staff provides you with friendly and accurate information on this subject. For lodgings longer than two nights, the staff can even arrange free transfer from the international airport, ferry point, or bus stop, so its very easy to reach the hotel. If you want to explore the neighborhood, the staff will be glad to direct you towards a minibus, a rental car, or even one of the specific tuk-tuks, three wheels motorcycles used extensively by locals for transportation on the busy streets of Siem Reap. Get Off the Beaten Path to Experience Authentic Sights: The Golden Orange Hotel is one of the few hotels in Siem Reap that offers extensive tours of the nearby Angkor Wat temples, that take tourists off the beaten path and into unique and awe inspiring areas. The tours are led by an English photographer that spent over three decades in the area, so you are guaranteed to learn fascinating details about the beautiful Angkor Wat. The Angkor Wat passes vary between three days and a week, and its re.mended to dedicate at least three days to the visit, if you want to have a .prehensive image of the vast .plex of temples. But the tours dont resume to the Angkor Wat vestiges. You can enjoy a cruise on a charming river or meet the locals living in the rural areas that make up most of Cambodia. Some of the tours can be .anized for larger groups, with discounts available, while others can be held for two persons or more. Have a great stay at the Golden Orange in Siem Reap, a lovely hotel served by the friendliest staff. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: