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UnCategorized Finding technology difficult to embrace? Keen to know all the latest gaming news but not sure where to look? Then you need to start getting educating yourself in the world of .puter games. Although this can be pretty daunting, there is an awful lot going on in the world of games. .puter games these days can almost start cult followings and start sub-cultures of fans and players. Just take the popular game World of Warcraft for example, that has a huge following that includes my younger fifteen year old brother. So if you are a little unsure of what I am talking about, its time to embrace the 21st century. So, the biggest .petitors of gaming consoles currently lie between the Xbox 360, The Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP and the PS2 and PS3. March 2008’s biggest seller was the Nintendo Wii, which seems to still be the most popular of all the consoles. Unlike its .petitors the Wii is very different; it would seem that it appeals to many different types of players as all of the games are diverse. But thinking that game consoles only appeal to teenage boys? Well you’d be wrong, the market of games has seemed to have widened so much these days, with cookery games available for women and horse riding games for young girls. There does not seem to be any subject or hobby that hasn’t be captured in the imagination of a .puter game. Gaming news is also finding itself more and more in mainstream news today as there always seems to be a controversial new game out or brand new console that will be lusted after by adults and children all over the world. Interestingly enough it was also seem that game consoles and games are recession proof also, as the recession shows no signs of hitting that market. Nintendo said that they would not be taking down the prices of their products as their products were high on customer wish lists. The world of gaming and gaming news seems to be ever changing and developing, broadening its customers and showing us new sides to entertainment we probably never considered possible. So why not embrace what technology has to offer and get involved in this growing trend that shows no signs of slowing or dying out? As you clearly don’t have to be part of a younger generation anymore to appreciate it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: