From the media bubble in the end how much scale and user stickiness weakened ” more pain-winbook

Since the media bubble in the end how much   scale and user stickiness weakened " more pain " – media – People’s original title: from the media bubble in the end how much? In October 8th, Shanghai Network Information Office released the news that, according to the report users and to the relevant departments to investigate and verify, in accordance with the law including the "Shanghai news" 10 do not have the relevant qualifications issued political news, WeChat public number spread false information vulgar. Following the "9, 28 WeChat public number brush amount tool crash" after the event, from the media industry to expose the credit fraud or unfair competition behavior continues to erode the integrity of the Internet ecosystem. We have to ask: since the media industry in the end there are many bubbles and tricky? 1, the amount of brush vicious attacks from the media industry are frequent problems in September 28th, because the WeChat public number to read the amount of brush tool collapse, so many large coffee, 100 thousand + xianchuyuanxing: reading is actually very little low! This caused a great shock in the industry, this day is also known as the friends of WeChat anhydrous day". However, the main business of Taobao shop brush does not seem to be affected by this, in the Taobao search for "public promotion" can still be found up to hundreds of main Shuabing business shop, the shopkeeper said to the Beijing morning news reporters even after 9? 28, the amount of brush industry now is still without any effect, the public number 100 plus 10 yuan, plus 30 yuan fast reading 1000. "Problem is the digital brush KPI assessment of the baton, advertising has been very focused on the amount of reading, which makes both from the media or Party A has a power brush, a baton erected, the market will have a brush in existence, digital examination swing refers to the same the amount of brush phenomenon can not be eradicated." Some journalists home founder Yang Miao said, in addition to the amount of brush, other phenomena within the industry is also worthy of attention, such as the lack of traditional media from the media audit link, published some false, malignant attack manuscript threshold is very low, resulting in the society produced a lot of negative perceptions of the media industry. Should be relatively large since the media in terms of industry challenges. The famous IT analyst Fu Liang told the Beijing morning news reporter said, "some people from the media to do the content itself is for certain segments, the audience itself is the circle of" narrow ", if his view has been accepted and spread within the circle of relatively open, then in the circle of ten people actually read the 1 thousand circle is better than reading. Reading is only a standard, but for the professional media is more important should be effective reading." 2 scale and user stickiness is weakened or "greater pain" of the investment community, WeChat public brush does not seem to be the most serious phenomenon, affect the self scale and the life cycle of the media industry exists for the return on investment is greater. Inno Angel Fund partner Wang Sheng to the Beijing morning news reporter said "we are well aware of the amount of brush phenomenon, so we tend to focus on several indicators, the first reading is certainly based on a public number if there is no amount of reading can not prove what. Second we are not)相关的主题文章: