Forgot to pull the electric tricycle key, 4 year old boy twist the car hit

Forgot to pull the electric tricycle 4 year old boy screwed the car keys had died yesterday, reporters learned that in September 18th, a village in Ningling County shiqiaozhen accident occurred, a 4 year old boy was seriously injured in a car accident, after being rushed to the hospital did not come to the rescue. It is understood that in the afternoon, the boy’s mother riding an electric tricycle to go out to work, after getting off, forgot to unplug the key on the three wheeled electric car. Shortly after, the 4 year old boy did not pay attention to the car in the case of parents, and then learn to look like adult twist electric cars, due to force too much, the electric car quickly pulled out, and hit a pole not far away. Instantly, a car accident happened, and the boy’s body was squeezed between the electric car and the telegraph pole, and the chest was seriously injured. After the family found, the boy was sent to the county hospital in time, but because of the serious injury, the boy finally died. Insiders also said that in rural areas, after the car does not pull the electric car key phenomenon is more common, many people eager to do things, get off after a hasty departure. The occurrence of this tragedy should arouse the vigilance of the majority of electric vehicle drivers. The police brigade accident in Shangqiu City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police said that in recent years, both the electric vehicle is quite common in the city or in the countryside, the electric car keys and the traffic accident phenomenon also occurs constantly, want to develop the electric car driver pulled off the key to good habits. At the same time, also hope that the electric vehicle manufacturers can develop electric cars forget key automatic power off system, to prevent the occurrence of similar tragedy. Evening news reporter Cheng Shaofeng (Shangqiu Net – Beijing Kowloon Evening News)

忘拔电动三轮车钥匙 4岁男童拧动车把被撞身亡昨日,记者采访了解到,9月18日,宁陵县石桥镇一村庄发生一起车祸,一名4岁男童在车祸中严重受伤,被送往医院后没有抢救过来。据了解,当日下午,男童的母亲骑上电动三轮车外出办事,下车后,忘了拔掉三轮电动车上的钥匙。之后不久,4岁男童在家长没有注意的情况下上车,然后学着大人的模样拧动电动车把,由于用力过猛,电动车急速驶出,并撞上不远处的一根电线杆。瞬间,车祸发生了,男童的身体被挤压在电动车和电线杆之间,胸部严重受伤。家人发现后,及时将男童送往县城医院抢救,但由于伤害严重,男童最终身亡。 知情人还介绍说,在农村,下车后不拔电动车钥匙的现象比较普遍,很多人急于办事,下车后匆匆离去。这种惨剧的发生,应该引起广大电动车驾驶员的警醒。商丘市公安局交警支队事故大队的民警介绍说,近年来,电动车无论是在市区还是在农村都比较普遍,电动车忘拔钥匙而发生车祸的现象也不断发生,希望电动车驾驶员要养成下车拔掉钥匙的好习惯。同时,也希望电动车生产厂家能研发出电动车忘拔钥匙自动断电系统,杜绝类似悲剧的发生。晚报记者 成绍峰(商丘网—京九晚报)相关的主题文章: