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Spirituality An astrologer is one who looks at your horoscope or the date on which you are born and the month you are born in and your name and depicts your future. There is always a question whether they are real or are they fake, whether what they say is true or just a big lie. Sometimes people before trusting them totally, ask them a few question just to see whether they are really able to tell the right thing or no and if they are they proceed and if they fail to tell the right things they leave it just there. Many people before doing anything big and new in their life consult their astrologers and confirm with them if it is beneficial and should be pursued of should be scrapped. Similarly many families before fixing the marriage if their children get their horoscope matched by the astrologers and if the match they proceed or they look for another prospective match for their children this is called astro match making, this again depends from person to person, people who believe in astronomy and stars and signs will believe what the astrologers say and people who dont believe will go on with their lives. Match making of this kind is very popular in most states in India, when a girl and boy meet and think of marriage they just done simply get married, they go through a lot of procedure before getting married, the astrologers see whether or not the couple is .patible with each other or no, whether theirs stars match or no whether they will be good for each other or no. there are many families who have actually cancelled the wedding of their children because they are not .patible according to the astrologers. The chances of the astrologers prediction .ing true are never stable. They might .e true, they might not. No one can actually say. But in life what needs to happen will happen and no physical forces can stop it from. And no astrological prediction or an astrologer will change any alones line. Entry or exit of no one will affect the persons life the way one wants it to be affected. It is all in the mind and believing such thing depends on person to person, who want to believe these believe it, who dont want to believe then dont believe in them. There are always people that are found who disagree with the other some people believe that something exists while some will not, that doesnt mean that something doesnt exist. It is just a belief one should not let it get affected by anything another person said. Astrology is also something like that, if one believes it they should go ahead and follow it, and if they dont, they can go ahead in their life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: