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Affiliate-Revenue Everyone has to eat. While many are struggling to get by in this economy, food costs continue to rise. The average family spends hundreds of dollars a week feeding themselves. What if there was a way to generate additional in.e and eliminate those grocery bills? MPB Today may be able to help you do just that. Southeastern Delivery, a home delivery service for groceries, was established in 2006. They are on a mission to be.e the nation’s largest grocery home delivery service. What part does MPB play in this goal? They are helping Southeastern by increasing their exposure & traffic to the .pany. Upon joining MPB, you then bring others into the program. Each time you cycle, you’ll receive a check for $300 and a $200 WalMart gift card. Let’s look closer at how this works: * To get started, you’ll simply purchase a $200 grocery voucher. You also pay a low $10 annual fee to be.e a part of the marketing plan, which provides your replicated .pany site and back office. * The voucher can be used immediately to order groceries from the distribution center. You’ll pay shipping and handling fees, unless you wait until after the first time you cycle to use it. * To cycle, you will need to sponsor 2 people into the program, then they will each need to sponsor in 2 of their own. You’ll then receive another $200 in groceries as well as a check for $300. * Every time you cycle, you will be given the chance to trade your $200 grocery voucher for a $200 WalMart gift card. You can cycle as fast as you can sponsor people in, so the more you sponsor, the more you cycle. There’s no restrictions on .missions, so the sky is the limit. You can also order any type of groceries you like, as they will deliver perishable and non-perishable goods. Not interested in using the delivery service? Not a problem. You’ll always have the option of trading the vouchers for gift cards, which can be used at any local WalMart or Sams Club. Worried about how to promote this opportunity? That’s why it’s imperative to your success that you join the right team. As a member of Jon Mroz’s team, you will be off and running in no time with his quick start 3 step method. You will also have access to thousands of dollars in training and bonuses, at no extra charge. Custom capture pages, easy to follow video tutorials, and helpful bonuses are just some of the extras you’ll have to look forward to as a member of this top MPB team. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: