Feng Xiaogang denounced the Pan Jinlian was suspected posting Wanda Sohu with entertainment 7470d

Feng Xiaogang "Pan Jinlian" was suspected posting rebuked Wanda cold – Sohu entertainment movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" Feng Xiaogang micro-blog screenshot     Sohu entertainment news 18 at noon, Feng Xiaogang issued an "open letter" from Pan Jinlian to Mr Wang Jianlin in the circle of friends and micro-blog, suspected rebuke movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" in Wanda to suffer cold. The original text is as follows: a letter to Mr. Wang Jianlin Pan Jinlian respected chairman Wang Jian Lin: small woman lotus, Jiuwen chairman feats, in your macro guidance, Wanda Group global industry chain pattern, vision, mind, obvious to people; not only in the commercial real estate has made brilliant achievements, single film and television production the publishing industry, in addition to the formation of a monopoly in the domestic purchase of Hollywood also point the day and await for it. On this occasion, all-powerful stride forward singing militant songs, a small company called Huayi, to save the fate of destruction, the group from a small corner away — no, chairman Wang, a small woman with a misnomer, small corner are not together, but this is a small plaster; small company miscalculated small, there is a wall in your wall, leave you there is a pinch of soil. This piece of plaster off small, unscathed in your group, but the apostasy, caused the group to be hated by both man and God, and then quickly removed. According to market rumors, the penalty is reflected, and this small company produced the film, is to kill — no, Wanda cinema chairman Wang, a small woman with words and inappropriate, less aggressive, a few scattered field, let it linger on to save face. A small woman knows, small plaster off this thing, chairman Wang can care about? No, you are mad! But let small woman found you in the pattern, as well as a business is taking in innocence — commonly known as "childish heart". To be single for gas, small woman with a pattern of fancy, you have a more gas, it might be the acquisition of this small company. The acquisition was not for profit, only for the eradication of this little force and then; this small company free back to the two hapless brother, tell them with the fact, really think I love you for this company yet, out of gas is the atmosphere. Then, a small wall where, where is the shovel, is the China film companies are acquired, with Wanda financial and verve, is as easy as blowing off dust. Chairman Wang, you remove the plaster, is absolutely correct, but nowadays you overexert, flying out of the blade, also hurt the innocent ". "Several thousands of years, the ups and downs, one day on the screen, the screen is walking into the Wanda cinema, because of the small company with a slight connection, also in disorderly fashion lying on the guillotine under your group. At present, the film in other theaters nationwide row piece average value above 40%, the rate was only 10.9% in row group. Chairman Wang, I and the small pieces of plaster before, because the middle and small company, it is killed, the gates of fire, adverse impacts. Small woman assume, chairman Wang day blueprint, and the macro thinking, small woman pool fish, you may not care; there is a small woman saying, really is from the pattern of large on your相关的主题文章: