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What Are the Different Types of Eye Masks? With many types of eye mask products throughout the market, it could certainly be difficult and in many cases mind-boggling to make a decision on the proper products. Let’s face it, people have unique personal preferences concerning their well-being. There are 4 types of eye mask products that provide an array of health benefits. Within this article, I will go over these products and their added benefits in detail to help you decide which types are worth buying. You’re going to be feeling much more refreshed before you know it! 1. Sleep Masks A sleep mask can also be called an eye mask for sleeping or an eye pillow. Don’t worry with the semantics because they are all utilized as a sleeping aid. They are the most frequently used eye mask health products nowadays. Its major role is to prevent light from .ing into your eyes as you relax. You can either wear it at night or during daytime naps when there is a large amount of light inside the room. No matter of when you use it, they help make effective sleeping aids by assisting you to fall asleep faster. You can get an eye mask for sleep practically anywhere you’ll find .mon household products. If you are an frequent traveler like me, you probably accumulated your share of free eye masks on your international travels or domestic red eye flights. Their prices can vary from $0 to as much as $50. Given that I am absolutely obsessed with sleep efficiency, I don’t mind having to spend more on products that help me get the most out of my rest and recovery. But as I mentioned, everyone is different. One of my preferred masks is Tempur-Pedic’s Sleep Mask since it is light in weight, durable, and .fy to use over an extensive time frame. An eye mask is essential for insomniacs, sensitive sleepers, sleep enthusiasts, and frequent travelers because it is affordable and will definitely pay itself off several times over by giving you a much higher quality of sleep. 2. Therapeutic Sleeping Masks There are distinct sleep masks that contain lavender, mint, and other natural aromas which provide you with therapeutic benefits. The herbal aromas will help soothe your sinuses, decrease stress, and clear away your nasal passages. These masks also do the job of preventing light from getting into the eyes. I found that a sleeping mask with lavender works the best for relaxing from long day at the job. 3. Gel Masks .pared with a sleeping mask, gel masks are not used as a sleep aid. They provide a different sort of function: therapy The thing that I love most about gel masks is the versatility that you get from buying just one single product. Its gel-like properties enable these masks to absorb either hot or cold temperatures. A heated mask is actually an exceptional solution for headaches, stress reduction, and muscle relaxation all around the eye contour muscles. A perfectly chilled mask could reduce puffiness or redness across the eye contour area. Many of the usual reasons why this occurs is likely to be from eye allergies, surgery, sun exposure, or maybe insomnia. 4. Facial Eye Masks A facial mask is a very different product but gives .parable benefits of the gel mask. This kind of eye mask is put right below the eye area to reduce puffiness, eye bags, and wrinkles. Additional Reading As you have seen, there are various products from the eye mask umbrella and there is likely to be some overlap when you begin to look for the products that suit your needs. If you have tried these products , please make sure to share your favorite types and your experiences here with the rest of the eye mask .munity and sleep efficiency enthusiasts! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: