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Software Employee training programs are as different and as unique as the people they benefit. When software is used they too go by many names such as LMS, HRMS and e-Learning etc. The benefits we refer to are immeasurable. From production cycle time, customer .plaint, NCR occurrence, waste reduction to safety, a .pany with a well trained workforce will always out perform an organization that lowers the priority on employee training programs. After a focused effort from the HR generalist or specialist, I have seen manual systems where the names of employees are listed across the top of a spreadsheet and documents, courses and other requirements are listed down the left side column. Where training is required by an employee, an X is entered to that location on the matrix.This may be a great way to identify who needs what training, but now what? Lets assume that an assembly instruction or a test method is required by four people so far so good. But what happens when these documents are revised? First of all would the HR group even know? What if a shop floor supervisor updated the document and didnt inform HR? Maybe he or she trained one or more people, but how are those records managed and who knows what people have been trained to this latest version and who has not? And how is the effective of this training determined? These are the kinds of questions the auditor may ask when assessing the level of conformance to various management system requirements. Employee Training Software solves these problems and more through automation, workflows and electronic records management. Good employee training software separates training that is required from training that is not by identifying job requirements. To understand the approach consider this. Its not the person that needs training, its the job that has requirements and those requirements be.e the training needs of the personnel performing that work. What is Not required training? Simply put, this is training that is not required by a job. This is considered developmental training. Example: John Smith the shop floor operator is also a member of the internal audit team. As a member of audit team, John requires certain training to ensure he is a .petent auditor but this training is not required by his operator job its required by John the person. Good employee training software will not only notify personnel that training is planned, due or overdue it may also auto escalate notifying supervisors etc. if training is not .pleted or overdue. What sets employee training software programs apart is the ability to integrate to document management systems so when work instructions, policies and procedures change, the system notifies personnel affected by the change. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: