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Reference-and-Education To understand the embedded system we should know about the system basically. That what is a system. It is a way of working or doing one or many tasks under a set of rules, fixed plans, programs or organizing the work. It is an arrangement through which all its units work together and assemble according to the program or the plan. So there are a lot of examples of system in our life which usually we people use in our daily life. Let"s take about washing machine. It is automatic clothes washing system. Parts of the system are: motor, power supply, control unit, states display panel, inner water level sensor, switches and dials. There are some rules under which it works: wash by spinning, rinse, drying, wash over by blinking, in case of interruption, execute only the remaining.Second example is wacth.This is a time display system. The parts of this system are: needles, battery, dial, hardware, strape and chassis.Rules under which this system works: A thin needle among rotates every second, long needle rotates every minutes, short needle rotates every hour, and all these needles rotates clockwise. Embedded system is a system which has .puter hardware with software embedded in it as the important .ponent. In ROM (read only memory) the software embeds. And it doesn"t need secondary memory in a .puter. So embedded system basically is a .puter system in which some .ponents and hardware are embedding on a circuit through which they works. Some .ponents of the embedded are describing here: Main application software it may perform the series of multiple tasks or tasks.Hardware:it has timers, processors, I/O devices, ports memories,interrupt controls etc.Real time operating system:RTOS is a system which defines the the way through which system work.RTOS sets the all rules during the execution of the application program. It supervise the software.But small scale embedded system no need of REAl TIME operating system. Hardware of .puter system are :microprocessor,keyboard,mouse,scanner, printer,primary memory ,secondary memory,RAM,ROM,cathes,moniter,internet card,drivers,modem, fax cum modem etc. Limitations of embedded system: It is a software designed to keep three restrictions: available system memory and require to bound power dispersion.When running the continuous in cycles of wait of run ,stop,wake up and event. There are some operations or events which make embedded system different an d important. Such that real time operation, cost, size, time, safety, security, energy and reliability. Now we talk about the classification of embedded system, they are of three types: small scale embedded system, sophisticated embedded system and medium embedded system. In small scale embedded system they may be battery operated. Small hardware and software .plexity.Single 8 bit and 16 bit microcontroller used."C" is used for developing this. And programming tools are used: assembler, editor, cross assembler. In medium scale embedded system both the software and hardware .plexity used. Digital signal processor and reduced instruction set .puter or 16 or 32 bit microcontroller are used.Programming tools of this system are: source code engineering tool, integrated and debugger development environment, simulator, RTOS. In sophisticated embedded system force by the processing speed of system available in their hardware units, it keeps enormous software and hardware .plexity; it may need configurable processor or scalable processor. Programming tools used in it are: A retargetable .piler or .piler might have developed for use in it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: