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Self-Improvement According to the report of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), about 23 percent of adolescent ages twelve years and above have used illegal drugs. Although there is a decrease of incidence in using crystal meth, there is still a notable increase in the addiction of prescription drugs such as barbiturates and narcotics. A number of drug treatments are made to help teenage addicts to live a sober life. It would be helpful to cure teenagers in a special group because they have different needs compared to adults. This will foster a higher percentage of success in treatment. Below are some of the drug treatment programs that are proven effective in helping teens recover from addiction. In-House The most effective treatment plan for teenage addiction is the long residential drug treatment center. In this kind of treatment, teens are required to stay in the center for months or a year. Treatment programs offered by this kind of facility include drug addiction education and counseling. The addicts will receive twenty-four hour supervision and will be on strict rules and regulations. Wilderness Camps Wilderness program is a fun way for teens to receive therapy. Patients will be in a safe and drug free environment with certified and trained therapists. This kind of program includes outdoor activities which help teenage addicts build self-direction, coping abilities, cooperation and responsibility. Their own self-confidence will be developed through learning survival skills via outdoor therapeutic techniques. Boarding Schools There are special academies which cater teenagers who are going through addiction therapy. Both academics and physical activity programs are designed to improve the mind and body of the abuser. They will stay in the school to study academically while they are undergoing counseling for their addiction problems. The teenagers can concentrate in his scholastic achievements and forget about drug abuse habits. Outpatient Out-patient rehab center is an inexpensive option when inpatient drug treatments may be expensive. There are government-run drug therapy facilities that provide day counseling and group support and also provide specialized treatment plans for teens. Families Families are most affected when teens are into drug abuse. It would be most advisable when treatment programs include the family in the counselling of teens. The family must also be educated regarding the adjustment teenagers undergo outside the therapy centers. They should learn ways on how to cope with the impact or loss the addiction brought in their lives. Teenagers should be saved from drug addiction. Their future is a valuable resource not just to their families but to the society as a whole. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: