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Travel-and-Leisure Giant butterflies dance through prehistoric plants, monolithic limestone cliffs hide misty waterfalls, and the cries of strange animals can be heard in the distance. If it wasnt for the neatly maintained pathways and bamboo clad rubbish bins, you could almost believe you were in Jurassic Park, but this not a Hollywood movie, this jungle is real. This is not Jurassic Park, but it is a national park, a Thai national park and anyone prepared to pay the entrance fee can experience the wonder and magic of this truly ancient landscape. And if you go down to the woods today you are going to be in for a pleasant surprise. Thailands national parks are well organized places, where you will not only get to witness some magnificent scenery, but you can also take part in a wide range of activities including: trekking, cycling, kayaking, camping and white water rafting. True nature lovers will delight in the vast areas of unspoiled wilderness, rich in tropical and exotic vegetation, where natural hot springs bubble from the ground, and fresh water streams cascade through limestone crags. Here, a turn in the jungle track will reveal holy shrines, ancient ruins, hidden temples or dark caves full of prehistoric paintings. However, this wasnt always the case. Following the Second World War, Thailand experienced a population boom, which led to an increase in the demand for food and clothing. Naturally, the local farmers were attracted to the rich, fertile soil of the forest and so they cleared large areas of jungle in order to cultivate more crops. At the same time, firearm production was also modernized. This meant that hunting became easier and as a result more game was taken from the forest. Many species were adversely affected; some were even driven to extinction. With the destruction of the forest and the depletion of the flora and fauna, Thailand was in danger of losing much of its natural resources. However, in 1961, the Thai government, recognizing that they had a problem, passed the National Park Act. The Act allowed for the establishment of a system of national parks, which help to protect and preserve the countrys precious natural landscape for future generations for educational and recreational purposes. Today, there are 102 national parks (including 21 marine parks) situated all over Thailand, each with something unique to offer. From the top of spectacular limestone peaks to the bottom of silver sanded coral reefs, the parks encompass every form of natural environment. Having been mainly left undisturbed for years, the parks are home to an incredible diversity of plant and animal species including wild elephants, water buffalo, deer, tapir, lizards, snakes, porcupines, monkeys, gibbons, baboons, bats, parrots, parakeets, hornbills and a further 450 species of other birds. There are even rumors of tigers, clouded leopards and bears living here. Visit for the afternoon or stay for few nights, come under your own steam or as part of an organized tour, however you visit one of Thailands national parks, a truly unique and amazing experience is ready and waiting for you to explore. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: