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Movies-TV Digital television or converted, analogue television is a .modity that every one is able to afford and everyone should have. It is thanks to the technological development that we are able to access such things. Due to the invention of Digital TV, we are able to have six times more programs than with cable television, because the cable transfers six times more information than the normal cable for TV. This is great especially for TV lovers like me. This gives us the chance to have six times bigger variety of programs, which on the other hand makes us able to watch six times more movies. You can easily get confused when having so many channels so I will re.mend you some of the greatest TV series, more specifically top five serials you can easily access through the digital television. On fifth place, I classify the The Big Bang Theory, it is a teenage series that shows the story of a couple of geeks studying in university. This one is appropriate for people who dont want to be involved into a .plicated love story or a murder case. That movie is perfect for relaxation and for those who like .mon teenage stories. On the fourth place, I put Pretty Little Liars, which you can see every Tuesday on channel five. This is more like a criminal movie so it is for people who like a good mystery. It tells the story of a couple of girls involved into the murder of one of their best friends. On the third place is Desperate Housewives. This is the classical family movie, which you can enjoy with popcorn on the sofa in front of the TV with everyone, even the dog. Second, I place One tree Hill, the best teenage love story series ever created. It tells the viewer about the consequences decisions have on young people and their feelings. Recently it was pronounced for the best series of the movie channel eight. On the first place on my list, I place the ultimate best television series ever created, Gossip Girl. For me personally it is the most wonderful and thrilling movie. When you watch it, you can really feel involved. It is because there are over a billion television viewers over the pla. that watch it. Perhaps this list is not good enough for everyone, but I believe I have shown how big variety of movies one is able to enjoy thanks to the Digital TV. It is a treasure everyone should have and should enjoy. I have to say that we have to be very thankful to those who created it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: