Die in Taiwan 60 super child heart delicacy snacks. pr011.msi

Support dead child heart lead in the 60 Taiwan Raiders delicacy snack: Taiwan great delicacy fusion of South Fujian and Chaozhou cover and contain everything, and Japan, Hakka food culture, has become one of the name card of Taiwan. Love food, you can not miss it (source: walk the author: walk) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Taiwan delicacy 1 Rice with Stewed Pork said the unique flavor of braised pork on rice, Rice with Stewed Pork all over the world, only the Taiwanese will do. Rice with Stewed Pork, Taiwan Style, meat juicy, fat and not greasy, radiant and full absorption of the essence of Steamed Rice sauce flavor, fragrant. Add fresh crisp delicious pickled pickles, sweet and salty taste, is really unable to refuse. Famous stores: Jinfeng Rice with Stewed Pork (Taipei), to a small museum (Taipei), shorty Tsai (Taipei), halogen pilaff ring Rice with Stewed Pork (Riverside Street), a beard (Ningxia market), with halogen halogen with God of wealth (Taichung), Afghanistan (Hsinchu) and other halogen pilaff. 2 beef noodles, beef noodles in Taiwan known as the kingdom of beef noodles, beef noodle shop high streets and back lanes everywhere, and the integration of the Taiwan beef noodle dishes around the essence and form their own unique characteristics, rich soup, delicious noodle, beef tendon is large, eat goods capture mouth, also make the tourists come to Taiwan if not eat a bowl of beef noodles, like a little more regret. Famous stores: Lin Dongfang beef noodles (Taipei), records of authentic beef noodle (Taipei), Zhang (Taipei), Duan Chunzhen beef noodles, beef noodles, beef noodles (Hsinchu) Yongkang (Taipei), fragrant garden beef noodles (Kaohsiung), the beauty of beef noodles (Taipei), Niu Dian (Taipei), Mantingfang beef face (Tai Zhong), seventy-two (Taipei) and other beef noodles. 3 oyster oyster omelet is many mainland tourists with its snacks, folk legend, Zheng Chenggong defeated the Dutch army, Dutch army in a rice grain, all to hide, Zheng Jun simply local Taiwan specialty oyster, sweet potato powder mixed with water and pan fried cake and eat, what a surprise to posterity, has become popular in Taiwan snack. Famous stores: Jike Lai Zi Decoction (Taipei Ningxia nightmarket), seven (Tainan Garden Night), oyster omelets, sea Pu (Hualian) Wang Jike (Hsinchu), oyster omelet (Taipei springs, West Street) etc.. 4 pearl milk tea pearl milk tea drinks is Taiwan world’s representative, said that it originated in Taichung famous hall. Early chunshuitang shaker and shake out tea tea bubble, the invention of the bubble Black Tea, and later joined the Pearl like pearls, so the birth of Jane tea. The flavor of the tea in the Q shell of pearl, thirst and chewy, soon became popular in Taiwan and the world. Famous stores: chunshuitang (general Tai Zhong), Chen Sanding (Taipei), Huada tea (Kaohsiung), Tian Ren tea – tea, Kenting egg milk (Kenting), the imperial house (Tai Zhong) and 50 LAN etc.. The 5 is the Taiwan milkfish milkfish milkfish common edible fish, rich nutrition and parity, eat a variety of milkfish, porridge, milkfish fish, milkfish belly and other are also popular delicacy, every night.相关的主题文章: