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Home-Improvement Hello there! Id just like to share with you some more information about Perfect Fit blinds. So as I said previously the frames dont change but what does change is the clips that hold the blinds in place. There are 2 types Face Fit and Recess Fit. Which clip to use depends on the type of roof the blind is being fitted into? Okay so lets say the blinds have been fitted into the roof, everything looks fine but you want to clean them. Although there are various ways of getting flies and stuff out but simply if you want to clean them you can just unclip them and detach them from the roof. To do this open the blind and depress the plastic tabs where the clips are. For this a screwdriver is quite handy. One word of caution if you have a big blind make sure you have 2 people to hold and lower it! Now once you have the blind free all you do is draw the blind closed again turn the blinds over, shake the flies off. You may find a hair dryer is quite useful to help too. Once clean simply push the blind back into place, as you do this you will hear the blinds ratchetting into position and fully home. Typically a blind will have 4 clips to locate on but once you go over 1.8metres in length you will have at least 6 clips to provide further rigidity. Before we leave this blind lets talk about any other limitations of the blind. Well one which can be an issue is the width pleated materials are only available up to 2 meters wide, which is usually not an issue as generally window are not as wide as that. The maximum Ive seen is about 1.8metres, but if you get someone saying he can do 3 metres it not with a perfect fit blind! Hope that helps should you need any further advise dont hesitate to get hold of us though our website .conservatoryroofblinds… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: