Chinese Academy of Sciences to talk about the Korean rain event regulators should investigate as soo

Academician of Han spring event: the regulatory authorities should as soon as possible survey data figure: original title: Han spring high Fu Academy: whether there is a real scientific discovery is the key to our reporter Li Yan these days, whether the latest findings about spring Hebei University Of Science and Technology Associate Professor Han repeatability and the controversy continues, triggered a strong focus on science and technology circles and the general public. Many netizens and public concern in the Han Chunyu fraud, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Gao Fu said that this is not his most concern. 13, high Fu in an exclusive interview with science and Technology Daily said, for this event from three levels: the first is whether the real scientific discovery, then where is the problem, the last is hotly debated whether fraud. Gao Fu said that for the Hebei University Of Science and Technology to apply for more than 200 million yuan of funds, Han Chunyu team really can not afford. But there is no direct link between the appropriateness of the funding arrangements and the reliability of his research". Han Chunyu’s discovery is true, to judge from a scientific point of view. It is important to find out whether such an important ‘technical’ discovery, countries are eager to promote the use of science and technology, so the question to be answered is whether the discovery is true." Gao Fu says. In his view, the discovery is true and whether Han Chunyu fraud is a problem of two levels. He said that if the findings are true and reliable, but SOP (standard operating procedures) need to be amended to improve, then by the world scientists to complete. If this is not true, we should investigate where the problem is, whether the design of the experiment is flawed, is there an experimental reagent problem, etc.. This process involves more relevant conditions. Gao Fu stressed that scientific discovery is always "right" and "wrong" mixed, we should have a full understanding of the background. He said the scientific difference, technology seeking, "different" will be different in the process, may not be "real", "illusion may be found". Han Chunyu’s scientific discovery is "new" and "different", so we are eager to use it to promote the further development of science. For the current debate is the most intense, Han Chunyu is false, Gao Fu believes that this is the last level of the problem, should be placed in the scientific discovery is true and where the problem is. He said that if Han Chunyu deliberately created the results, which is called fraud, is a moral problem. Now scientists have questioned the issue of data published in Korea and the graph of the problem, if the case is true, it has constituted academic misconduct. Han Chunyu needs to confirm whether reliable, rather than from the certificate of innocence Han Chunyu why the beginning of particular concern? Because his findings are both scientific and technical. NgAgo gene editing technology is not only a scientific initiative, more importantly, the discovery can be applied to various fields. Fu Fu said that it is for this reason, at the beginning of the paper, the world is very excited. Now, we find that it does not work, and the experiment can not be repeated, which led to a lot of questions. Han Chunyu had previously insisted that repeated experimental failure may be caused by cell contamination. Yes;相关的主题文章: