China to overcome world-class problems! This is the Mount Everest super project 660003

China to overcome world-class problems! This is the Mount Everest super Project Title: China once again overcome the world-class problem! This is a known as the "Mount Qomolangma" traffic engineering today at 7:20 in the morning, the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge Tunnel first curve immersed tube, but also from the East West first artificial island root immersed E33 installation completed successfully docking mission. E33 tube floating dock with the more than 26 hours, from 7 am to 5:30 pm, floating, sinking, sinking, to pull together and the final docking work was completed. At present, the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge tunnel has been completed 29 tube installation, from the final 33 immersed docking of all only 4 root complete. HZMB is super engineering, construction of bridge tunnel section 33 immersed, every day more than 100 meters long, four storeys high, the tunnel width can reach six lanes, is immersed in the giant. The Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge tunnel is China’s first offshore tunnel, highway tunnel is the longest in the world and the only deep buried tunnel, known as the "Mount Qomolangma of traffic engineering". The thirty-third section giant sinking floating installation success HZMB length of 55 km, 29.6 km long main bridge, including bridge 22.9 km, 6.7 km of subsea tunnel and connecting tunnel and Bridge East andwest island. Among them, 22.9 km bridge bridge has been completed in September 27th across the board. In the construction of submarine tunnel length of 5664 meters, the 33 section immersed in butt joint, including 28 straight and 5 section curve immersed tube. Before the start of the first workers from their island to the twenty-eighth sinking have been installed. And just install the success of the thirty-third Festival immersed, also called E33, is the first sinking curve of sinking pipe, butt joint with the east island engineering implementation, then will reverse, that is, according to the E32 E31 order to install the remaining tube. 135 meters long, 60 thousand ton E33 looks and ordinary immersed did not differ significantly, but due to be placed in the position of Shima Shimagami, and east of Artificial Island East Tunnel seamless docking, the terrain changes decided it must reach the curve radius of 5500 meters of the arc, so each 22.5 meters long pipe section has subtle changes the curvature of the curve, eventually assembled into a 135 meter long tube.     what is the difficulty of immersed installation? This installation is the first thirty-third day immersed in addition to root immersed Island industry:, it is the first root segment sinking. 28 tube are installed before the line segment curve immersed immersed tube, installation, there is no experience to follow. A variety of factors make the installation of E33 highlights three high risk points. Risk: Island Head pick flow effect E33 installation position is located in the east of the island, the island is in the middle of the sea to establish artificial islands, the sea here is blocked, it will change the direction of. Sea water encounter artificial island, the water will be concentrated from the ends of the island split out, so the island head position of the current will be particularly concentrated, particularly complex, that is, we say, "pick flow effect". And follow the "pick flow effect" is to come back siltation, hydrodynamic and a series of problems. Risk two: shallow water operations due to the location of the island head.相关的主题文章: