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Health Every day, we will have specific thoughts that will help us in making a decision about a different aspect of our lives. Often, these decisions can be made on impulse which although seen as exciting due to their spontaneous nature, can potentially have bad affects. However, if we make the time to take all aspects of the situation into consideration, we can ensure that our decisions have our best interests at heart and fewer consequences along the way. One of the main aspects of our life which can be affected by our thoughts is our health and fitness. The way in which we treat, abuse and nourish our bodies can all have lasting affects but the reasons as to why we choose to look after ourselves in this manner can stem from our thoughts. There are a wide range of factors which will influence our thoughts and the time in which we will have them. These can be our circumstances, conditions, emotional state, our knowledge about health and fitness and so forth. However, it is not just about our influential factors, but also the type of thought and/or decision which we are going to make. A thought can be labeled as critical, important or non important. Our health can greatly depend on the foods we eat-specifically foods which nourish us and foods which have no real benefit to us other than taste. Food is intended to fill us up when we are hungry and help us function and survive but our thoughts can often alter the times in which we eat and the foods which we choose to eat. When we are faced with a limitation on food, this will help determine which foods we will eat. On the other side however, if we are exposed to a vast amount of food types, this will also affect what we choose to put in our mouths. However, one of the main factors which will influence what we eat is taste. The taste of food is what makes us primarily put it in our mouths as for obvious reasons, if food generally tasted unappealing, we wouldn’t rush to purchase it. However, the ability to purchase specific foods due to financial reasons will also greatly affect the foods in which we eat. In short, those who readily have every type of food available to them and access to money may be more likely to choose ‘bad’ foods, should they choose to listen to the wrong thoughts. For many, the foods which we eat can be greatly tied to our emotions, but another factor for us reaching for food can be stemmed down to boredom which can often be caused by other thoughts on our mind. In order to make a wise choice to help our health and fitness, we firstly need to use our initiative to make a choice in the first place. One of the worst ways in which we can damage our health and fitness is by delaying our decision making which is often referred to as procrastination. We are all guilty of giving into this lazy and sluggish form of time wasting but some more than others will allow it to consume their life, causing them to choose the wrong option which can have disastrous results. Procrastination is when we choose to use other distractions to put things off. For some, this thing which they choose to stall is the time to take care of themselves. Partaking in exercise in order to help their overall health and fitness, making the right decision to choose the right foods and other aspects such as taking the step to quit smoking/drinking/drugs can all affect our health and fitness if we do not choose our thoughts assertively in order to help ourselves. Allowing ourselves to procrastinate will not only have an affect on our health and fitness physically, but also mentally. The more we choose to pick the wrong thoughts from our minds and opt for the easier option, the higher the chance that our thoughts and decisions will have a bad affect on us. We can become aggravated or dissatisfied in ourselves which could potentially lead to stress, anxiety or even depression. The more we become affected by these conditions, the higher the chance that other aspects of our lives can become greatly affected. By simply choosing to listen to the right thoughts in our minds we can start eating the right foods today; taking that first step into consistent exercise today and help ourselves better our lives overall, not just our health and fitness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: