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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Portable copy machines are perfect for the business venture that requires instant access to duplication technology even in remote locations, such as a road show or convention. The Canon PC-170 is the ideal solution for these types of demands, thanks to its ingenuitive, foldable design that makes it perfect for mobile applications. Other key uses for copiers such as the Canon PC-170 are circumstances that present limited space requirements, such as personal, desktop use, or home use. With a footprint of only 14.1"(W) x 17.3"(D) x 4.5"(H) when folded up, and a 32 length when unfolded, this .pact device can fit almost anywhere copies might be needed. Keep in mind that, with a fold up, flatbed style top, additional space will be required above the four and a half inch height. Still, for transportation purposes, the short stature and nineteen pound total weight (not including paper) makes the unit entirely manageable. A built in carrying handle allows the Canon PC-170 to be carried like a briefcase, and even more portable. In the interest of size, the paper capacity is very limited, with a simple external 50 page feeding mechanism that can be folded up, along with the output tray, to reduce the total length by 17 inches when not in use. Speed is also extremely limited, maxing out at only four pages per minute. This makes high output copy demands .pletely unpractical, as the unit is built for size not power. Analog copy technology also isnt without limitations, due to the lack of digital, on board scanning technology; the unit cannot be incorporated with a PC to second as a printer. It has no external connection ports whatsoever, only a single power cord that maintains a maximum power consumption of 650W, which is slightly high for a unit of such size and scope, but still manages to meet the power requirements of both Energy Star, and Canons own Clean Earth Campaign. Canons unique single cartridge system makes swapping ink easier than ever, thanks to the elimination of a drum/ toner .bination. This provides for .pactedness, but also a limited overall toner yield. The Canon PC-170s limited range of functions include a manual exposure mode for fine tuning specific output depths, or an automatic mode. It also has a convenient auto shut off feature that cuts power to the machine when left on for approximately four minutes, which reduces overall energy consumption and operating cost. The Canon PC-170 cannot use either paper weights above 32 lbs, or below 17 lbs, making thicker output media such as transparencies and card stock in.patible according to specifications. Also, copy speed is based exclusively on letter sized paper, after a first copy time of 22 seconds. When using legal sized paper, or making a single copy, output speed will be greatly reduced. Total paper storage will also be reduced when stock above 20 lbs is used. Luckily, actual warm up time is virtually zero seconds, making this a quick, plug and play unit thats ready to produce copies literally right out of the box. The Canon PC-170 has limitations due to size, but the price range and mobility make it a great purchase for small offices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: