Caesarean birth mother in the end need to get a few knives, read for the mothers point praise! Sohu segotep

Caesarean birth mother in the end need to get a few knives, read for the mothers point praise! Sohu mother many mothers think children will hurt, decisively choose a caesarean section, that C-sections certainly not so easy to make drug. Is this really the case? Let us from the medical point of view to understand what is Caesarean section in the end? Maternal in the end will be a few knives? Postpartum will leave scar? Cesarean section in the end how? The principle of caesarean section is to open a knife in the belly, see the uterus and then open a knife in the womb, a total of two knives, after the first suture of the uterus and then suture the belly. The first is the preparation before operation, eight hours before the operation can not eat, then, the nurse helps pregnant women naked pubic hair shaved, and then helped to pregnant women lie with a wheel bed, and to the operation room for anesthesia. Surgery, in addition to exposing the stomach and head, the other will be disinfected with a single occlusion. The pregnant women without feeling but conscious nakedness. No need to do anything with the doctor. There are a lot of arguments about the horizontal or vertical section, first of all depends on the degree of obesity in pregnant women, placental location, size and other factors. The principle of judgment should be the first standard to ensure the safety and health of pregnant women and fetus. The cross section is more, the advantages of cross section is the edge is not obvious, quick recovery, less pain. Transverse position in the female pubic hair is a natural transverse position, blade section after the operation is not obvious, some pregnant women after caesarean section, the belly is falling, transverse edge can be covered. From the appearance and feel, cross section is the best choice, but if the baby body is large, cross section after open surgery field will not big enough to remove bad baby; or placental attachment in the abdominal position, there is danger of hemorrhage of transverse artery rupture in the placenta after. At this time, you need to profile, away from the longitudinal section is in the stomach the navel discission knife cut down vertically, because the longitudinal section hole pull freedom than cross section, it is more suitable for the individual out of the baby. If the operation is successful, it will take about half an hour to move, and the nurse will be responsible for cleaning the children and then sending them to the family. 24 hours after the operation of the woman to the next, the wound will have pain, but will soon heal. Next is the rest. When your wife comes into the delivery room, you are not only waiting for the arrival of a new life, but also waiting for his wife’s second life. Therefore, the mother is great, please all the children to honor your mother, but also ask the men to love your wife, women in this life is not easy…… Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: