Buy car insurance blindly blindly save money rather than spending money zghd

Buy car insurance blindly to save money as money Qiao 4S shop recommended the new owner to buy "all risks", but all is not equal to the full insurance, spontaneous combustion risk want to buy? Second years to buy insurance, according to the situation of danger to enjoy preferential, but the phone insurance seem cheaper, renewal or change is guaranteed? Third years car has started depreciation. This time to buy insurance to pay attention to what the problem? First years: all risks is not equal to the full insurance "insurance is not equal to the full protection, many owners may not know the truth. The general sense of all risks including 15, 16 insurance, but most 4S stores the insurance includes 8 categories, respectively for the traffic compulsory insurance, vehicle insurance, non deductible insurance, third party liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance, the whole vehicle pilfer, scratches insurance, glass breakage insurance alone. In fact, in addition to strong insurance is compulsory purchase, the other 7 are optional to buy commercial insurance. 4S shop owners generally recommend the first year to buy insurance, claim the amount of car damage insurance, third party liability insurance can be higher. Buy "spontaneous combustion risks" to see manufacturers should pay attention to is that the so-called "all risks" does not include spontaneous loss of insurance. In accordance with past thinking, new cars generally do not have to buy this insurance, because in the warranty period, once the spontaneous combustion will be responsible for the manufacturers. The premise is that manufacturers can take the responsibility. In recent years, some less than a year of new "spontaneous combustion" phenomenon occurred frequently, and car manufacturers are evading responsibility, this spontaneous loss of insurance, vehicle insurance refers to the occurrence of fire losses due to their own circuit circuit fault, a part of the insurance company is responsible for compensation. Some of the more cautious new owners can also choose to choose to provide a new car, spontaneous combustion insurance company. "The general economy sedan, spontaneous combustion risk at the cost of 200 yuan -300 yuan. If the owner of the proposed purchase of auto insurance, 4S shop can also be added." Second years: no danger, violation records, the first year premium car owners to buy insurance is the 4S shop agent. The owner of the phone also received a reporter before the 4S shop to help buy insurance, but the policy does not seem to give to yourself. Now I do not know how to renew. The new car market competition, many 4S stores launched the "buy a car to send insurance benefits, which leads to some effect of the new owner is to buy insurance to buy their own insurance is not too clear, for which insurance companies are not too clear, the second year renewal have no choice. Not familiar with auto insurance, the owner can do some preparation in advance, through the recommendation of Web query and friends, let your heart. After the inquiry, to buy a car and the car insurance, can not be aware that the 4S store by the nose. According to common sense, the first year to choose an insurance company for second years, insurance company will call to ask whether to renew. At present, the majority of insurance companies to implement a floating car insurance discount, excessive claims and a large amount of the owner, the insurance company will cancel or reduce the discount rate. Whether in addition to enjoy preferential auto insurance renewal with a year out number of times relevant, but also related to four factors: the benchmark insurance fee of 1 for 2 years; a number of claims; 3 grade 4 vehicle models; danger situation. No danger, illegal logging can save the premium, but now the CIRC to implement networking system, insurance on a.相关的主题文章: